Connecting with Young Adults and Equipping a Multigenerational Church

Connecting with Young Adults and Equipping a Multigenerational Church.

A live 90-minute webinar on Tuesday September 17, at 4:00 p.m. ET, presented by Rob Fohr.

How is your congregation connecting with young adults?

In this webinar, Rob Fohr, the young adult catalyst for the PC(USA), will discuss research on Millennials – helping you navigate a range of perspectives and scores of new data on young adults and the “Millennial” generation (those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s). He will also focus on how this generation thinks about and responds to issues of faith.

Rob will help pastors, congregational leaders, others interested in learning more about how to engage, connect, and work with the so -called “millennial” generation.

This presentation will include:

  1. 10 tips congregations can use to create a welcoming environment for young adults;
  2. Multi-generational perspectives and a discussion of some “light” generational theory (naming the water in which we are swimming);
  3. Research on Millennials and a discussion of various ways in which they are connecting with faith and faith communities;
  4. A description of work towards the young adult directional goal of the Presbyterian Mission Agency.

The live presentation will also include a question & answer segment so you can ask your questions!

R FohrRob Fohr is the young adult catalyst for the Presbyterian Mission Agency, and is charged with helping implement the PMA’s agency-wide directional goal on young adults. Fohr served in the PC(USA)’s Young Adult Volunteer program in Buenos Aires, Argentina (’05-06), is a ruling elder, currently serving on the session of Highland Presbyterian Church (Louisville), and is currently pursuing a master’s of arts in religion at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.