PA Interfaith Power & Light Offers Churches Power-Savings Opportunity

Divest at the outlet

outletNo matter how contemporary or traditional their services, every congregation plugs in somewhere, sometime. Whether we’re running the coffee maker, lighting the gathering space, copying the newsletter, printing the lesson, chilling the cole slaw, or projecting the lyrics, we plug in when we need to, and we don’t think much about it.

The electricity that makes all those things work comes from somewhere. In Pennsylvania, we can now choose what electricity we buy. We put inexpensive safety covers on our outlets to protect our children from the electricity. Now we can also afford to protect our children and God’s Earth from pollution released in generating the electricity. Institutions signing up for this program have saved between 2%-17%.

Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light has teamed up with another non-profit, Groundswell, to join their Community Power Project. Through this project faith communities, community organizations, schools, and even small businesses can buy 100% clean electricity in their existing budgets. Groundswell joins congregations together to create a large electricity-buying group. Each congregation still gets its own electricity on its own bill, but because they joined the same purchasing group, they can get a good deal on electricity and insist that the electricity they buy supports their values — that it doesn’t pollute the air or water we all share with each other and with future generations.  Learn more:

2-page info sheet to download: Community-Power-Program-PA-2pg.-Overview

Presentation and Q and A: Join one of two remaining webinars:

Call or email us with questions Cricket Hunter, Director of PA Interfaith Power & Light: Email: [email protected], Phone: (818) 876-2597

We’re piloting in the WestPenn and PECO service areas this spring, but plan to expand soon!