The Welcome Church is working with partners towards the opening of an overnight winter shelter for women, called “The Well”

(the name chosen because of the fact that in many parts of the world, women still gather at wells for both social interaction and the alleviation of physical need, and because we know that a certain woman once had a life changing encounter with the divine at a well).

The anticipated opening date of The Well is February 14.  Many hands make light work, and anyone who can help in any of the following ways will be a blessing to us! The goal of The Well is to provide overnight shelter for a group of no larger than 12 women who are experiencing homelessness, as a pilot program to see if this model is helpful to the building of relationships and trust, as part of outreach to some of the most vulnerable people who live out on the streets.  The Well will remain open through April 30.  Please refer to the lists below to find out the many ways you can help!

Donations of any of the following are requested:

  • 12 cots
  • 12 twin size warm blankets
  • 6 twin sheet sets (we already have the other 6)
  • 8+ bath towels (we already have the other 4)
  • 8+ hand towels (we already have the other 4)
  • 12 footlocker type bins
  • 12 locks for bins
  • 1 standard coffee maker
  • flatware
  • curtains and rods for doorways between rooms (details available upon request)
  • paperback books (for leisure reading)
  • yarn/knitting needles/crochet hooks
  • coloring books/coloring implements
  • fuzzy, warm socks
  • women’s underwear (Small/Medium/Large)
  • liquid hand soap
  • shampoo
  • foot care supplies
  • dish liquid
  • dishwashing cloths/sponges
  • dish towels
  • food storage baggies
  • food storage containers
  • boxes of cereal
  • cereal bars
  • instant oatmeal
  • individual macaroni & cheese

Volunteers are welcome for any of the following jobs and activities:

  1. Help to set up the space for The Well (located in South Philadelphia), the week of February 7 (the week before it opens).
  2. Make a meal for 12 and drop it off at The Well at 7pm one evening.  OR You may also bring the ingredients and stay to cook and enjoy the meal.
  3. Shop for basics, such as orange juice, milk, coffee.
  4. Share your skills or interests and lead a group, either once or once per week:  yoga?  crafts?  crochet or knitting?  other?

Financial contributions welcome:

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