A Good Time to Be Presbyterian: GA Reflections by Elder Jim Ballengee

While I have been caught up in the election of new Co-Moderators and other events, perhaps the most inspirational moment for me will end up being an inspiring talk by Reverend Dr. Liz Theoharis. She is an ordained Presbyterian Minister and Co-Chair of the Poor People’s campaign going on right now around the country. Just before she spoke Saturday she had been arrested in Washington, DC for protesting in what has become the largest moment of civil disobedience and direct action since the Civil Rights movement.

She challenged us as follows: “What sermon on the Mount did you hear? Because justice for the poor, justice for the immigrant, justice for everybody is at the heart of our Gospel.” Justice is at the heart of our Bible and charity and hypocrisy won’t end poverty, but will keep it with us. Unjust times need a revolution of values and a moral revival. Our denomination has joined the Poor People’s campaign and Theoharis closed by stating, “I have never in my life been so proud to be a Presbyterian.”

I concur!

Elder Jim Ballengee (Arch Street Presbyterian Church)