Fifty-seven years later, the words of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech continue to both inspire and challenge people of all walks of life in our nation and in the world. As a people of faith, we are again reminded of our call to serve as vessels of transformation and hope – even at a time when many of us are exhausted from the uncertainty thrust upon us by a season fraught with images of violence, fires, hurricanes, pandemic, and a continued wrestling with racism that threatens the core of our understanding that in Christ we are one people.

It is in this spirit that we offer a prayer.  We invite you to pause and consider your call as a follower of Jesus at this time – for it is the time to which we have been called.  We invite you to pray for all that is named and unnamed.  We invite you to use that prayer as the engine that propels you forward into a witness and action that reflects our call as disciples of Christ.

And so we pray to the God of Creation…. whose very word brings life and possibilities out of the void and chaos…. Hear our Prayers as we pray……

For those who feel they no longer have any prayers within them….. that the Holy Spirit will receive and interpret the sighs heaving in their breasts.

For those who find themselves in the path of unbridled hurricane winds and blazing fires…. that they might find shelter in the storm.

For those who have suffered loss of life and health during this pandemic…. that healing might break into the devastation and heartbreak.

For those whose lives have been senselessly taken in acts of racism, rage and retaliation…. that their families and loved ones would find justice and peace.

For those who lift their voices to give voice to those who are not heard…. that they might continue to find the strength to speak for those on the margins.

For those who continue to be on the front lines sacrificing their own lives to bring possibilities to others in the midst of the raging storms and pandemics…. that they might be safe as they offer their hearts for the safety of others.

For those whose pain does not allow the pain of their neighbor to touch their soul…. that your Spirit of grace would break into hearts of stone.

For those who earnestly seek to understand with heart as well as head…. that the Spirit of wisdom would guide their actions to bring light where there is darkness.

For those whose fears and concerns blind them to the fears and concerns of others…. that they might be open with empathy for their neighbor in the world.

For those who believe themselves powerless to make a difference…. that they might find true power in a community called together to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.”

For those consumed by anger, despair, impatience and frustration… that they might be released from that bondage that paralyzes their hearts.

For those whose life experience and assumptions make them blind to the real principalities…. that their sight might be open to the realities of this moment.

For those who dare to speak truth at the foot of the cross…. that they are enabled to receive and offer your grace.

Finally, we pray for those who are forgotten or not mentioned in this or any other list…. that they might be known as you know each of us.

In the powerful name of Jesus the Christ, we pray.  Amen.

Click here for a PDF of our prayerful reflection to share with your churches