Bills and Overture Documents on Amendments to the Constitution

COMMITTEE ON BILLS AND OVERTURES: Proposed Changes to the Constitution from the 223rd General Assembly
Process: The Commissioners to the 223rd General Assembly have met as your Committee Bills and Overtures to review, discuss and agree on recommendations to the Presbytery concerning the proposed changes to the Constitution, specifically the Book of Order, made by the 223rd General Assembly for presbytery consideration. The item numbers and the order of presentation correspond with the Proposed Amendments to the Constitution Booklet from the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly.

Proposed Amendments Recommendations:

  • Item 18-A: G- 2.0401 on Election of Ruling Elders and Deacons Approve Rationale: For clarity and consistency with past practice.
  • Item 18-B.1: G- 2.0509 on Renunciation of Jurisdiction Approve Rationale: Amended wording makes more explicit that unresolved disciplinary process at renunciation of jurisdiction is to be resolved before restoration.
  • Item 18-B.2: D- 10.0401d on Renunciation of Jurisdiction Approve Rationale: Amended wording clarifies the intent. A Rules of Discipline Task Force is reviewing this issue for consideration at the 224th General Assembly.
  • Item 18-C: G- 3.0104 on Officers No recommendation Rationale: The Committee on Bills and Overtures believes the Presbytery would be best served by hearing the discussion from the diversity of congregations in our context.
  • Item 18-D: G- 3.0306 on Membership of Presbytery Approve Rationale: Amended wording brings back helpful language from the old Book of Order.

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