Border Trip Blog by Megan Acedo

“God heals the wounds of every shattered heart.”
-Psalm 147:3

Elder Megan D. Acedo, Moderator of the Committee on Representation, Beacon Church

I have come back from the borderlands with a shattered heart. It is broken in pieces over the systems that perpetuate separation and pain, over the stories of people I talked with, over the ways in which we as human beings talk past each other in order to justify the presence of a massive barrier between two countries. I have struggled to find the Good News in this story, to see how God is reconciling the world to God’s self and us to each other. The one piece of Good News I can see right now is in God’s people, committing themselves over and over again to hard conversations, to caring for beautiful immigrant babies, to seeking out justice and peace even in a time and place where those ideals seem far away. People like Sami, Liza, Bethany, Claudia, Blanca, Gustavo, Keisha, and so many more. I cling to this verse from Psalm 147, because I need to be reminded, even in the midst of brokenness, God is at work binding up our broken hearts and calling us to bind up broken systems of oppression, to love fiercely, and to pursue justice, wholeness, and peace.

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