Border Trip Blog by Rev. Adan Mairena

Rev. Adan Mairena, Moderator of the Comission on Resources and Communications, Yeadon Presbyterian Church and West Kensington Ministry

They looked fit and light skinned, as if they were in their early to mid 20’s. They also had two little girls; one looked about three and the other was at school. “We are from Progreso, Honduras and have been here [in Pasos de Fe, a migrant shelter in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico] since April,” they shared with me. “Our next court date is in February of 2020. We left Honduras to escape the gang threats. I was not in a gang at all. My wife got into a fight with a woman from a gang and a man jumped in and I had to jump in to protect mi mujer (my woman). The gang started putting death threats on our door, that they were going to rape and kill my wife. We warned not to go to the police. We did. And, immediately as we left the police station the gang found out- our house was burnt. The police and the gangs work together, I got our two little girls and my wife and we left with just clothes. We spent 12 nights under a bridge in Tapachula and eight nights under a bridge in Mexico DF. We made it up here and were at another church but they had a time limit as to how long we could stay. We came here and it is good. We can stay as long as we want and there is no pressure. Everyone cooks their own meals because we all have our own foods. The Cubans eat how they eat and the Mexicans also make their own food. Their cheese here isn’t as strong as ours but I have found some. We go to the centro and buy it. We found a school and registered my daughter. Our final destination is Tampa, Florida. I have family there and we talk often. They are waiting.”

As I left them I was reminded of a young couple about 2000 years ago fleeing to Egypt in hopes of saving their newborn’s life.

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