Border Trip Blog by Rev. Samantha Hudson

Rev. Samantha Hudson, Moderator of the Commission on Ministry, Pastor of Glading Memorial

The land border wall is overwhelming. To stand in its shadow made me feel small. It is massive, sturdy, and goes on forever. It is a clearly identifiable construction that runs down the middle of this one metropolitan area of Juarez, MX and El Paso, TX. But here is the thing: it is built on U.S. soil. The Rio Grande is the internationally recognized boundary, and then there are ten feet of U.S. land, and then a canal, and then ten feet of more U.S. land, and then the wall. So, it is not functional. Migrants technically can come to the wall and shout “asylum” through it, and Border Patrol would have to go, bring them over, and process them. And, as Border Patrol agents admitted, it will not indefinitely prevent “illegal” crossers either. There is always a way through; it is simply a deterrent, designed to slow them down and give Border Patrol time to catch them. The wall is not functional. It is symbolic: of a desire to create barriers and define who is in and who is out. And it is overwhelming to see such hatred so plainly manifest. The work that we need to do is about the walls in our hearts and in our own communities. That is where we start.

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