Building Bridges in Kensington: 300th Anniversary Mission Update

Presbytery of Philadelphia 300th Anniversary Celebration: Updates from West Kensington Ministry

West Kensington Ministry’s 300th Anniversary grant is being utilized to develop the Building Bridges mentoring program. This program partners with schools, non-profit organizations, and faith communities to bridge the gap between students and school, matching Kensington-area youth with caring adults.

In the past year, the Building Bridges program developed recruiting materials, applications, screening processes, and training materials. The mentoring program has established contacts within the school district and identified youth who will benefit from being mentored. They have screened and trained 6 mentors.

Community relationship building now includes an “I IN COMMUNITY” virtual community bulletin board, where students and mentors can connect to events, opportunities; and get to know their neighbors and community organizers.

Click here for more details on last year’s project and our Presbytery’s commitment to elevate education, disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, and work towards restorative justice.