Annual Mission Narrative: May 2017 – May 2018

The Presbytery of Philadelphia’s Annual Mission Narrative is now available! Please click here for a PDF.

Art Credit: The art used in the mission narrative comes from an original painting by Rev.Rebecca Blake commemorating the Presbytery of Philadelphia’s 300th Anniversary.





Exploring Missional Leadership: An Assessment Offered by 1001 NWC

The Presbytery of Philadelphia will be hosting an Exploring Missional Leadership at East Falls Presbyterian Church on Friday, May 18 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. This event is in partnership with the 1oo1 New Worshiping Communities movement through the PCUSA.

If you are interested in exploring what gifts God has given you for missional leadership, this is the event for you. Click here for flyer . 



Please let us know if you are interested in attending the Exploring Missional Leadership Gathering: 


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Youth from Churches around Our Presbytery Lift Their Voices as Cry for World without Violence

On March 24th, youth and and adults from over a dozen churches around our presbytery participated in the national and local extensions of March for Our Lives. As some of our youngest disciples marched, they intersected their faith and public witness in pursuit of gun reform and other measures to increase school safety and reduce mass shootings that continue to plague this nation. The youth ministry from Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, in partnership with Overbrook Presbyterian Church, even participated in a pre-march training in non-violent action and a workshop hosted by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Office of Public Witness in Washington, D.C.
Below are some brief yet faithful reflections from youth of one of our churches:

Ellie, 18, Doylestown Presbyterian Church (attended a local Doylestown march): “I marched for those who couldn’t, for the people who are now a statistic before they could see any good change come. I marched because I know how it feels to be nervous in a classroom, ducking under desks after an intruder came onto my school’s campus. That feeling is something I will never forget and I wish that no one will ever feel like that…My faith motivates me to move forward in a peaceful way that will support me and other students in this movement. I also feel as though the church is doing that too. It is powerful to see the different congregations coming together with their members and communities in this time to spread love and support to everyone participating. The church can act as a guiding voice for those who are unsure what to do or how to feel about what has been happening with gun violence.”

Anneleise, 19, Doylestown Presbyterian Church (attended march in Washington D.C.): “My faith is a factor in this March as it has always taught me to seek the best for people and to value life. My faith guides my beliefs in that I believe no one should be subject to fear and loss in their day to day lives. It has taught me to fight for the light in the world and to do my part in dismissing darkness.”
Madelyn, 14, Doylestown Presbyterian Church (attended a local Doylestown march): “I marched because I believe gun violence is a big issue in America and it needs to be solved. I marched because as a teenager, not able to vote yet, my voice isn’t heard often and this was a way my voice could be heard. I hope that people realize how many adults and children are trying to make a change and how hard we are working for this change. I would like to see the government acknowledge how hard we are working and work just as hard to solve the issue of gun violence. I ultimately want gun violence to end as much as it possible can and for people everywhere to feel safe walking in their community and at their school.” 
If interested in reading more about how others from around the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) participated in this event:
There are also various resources available related to reducing gun violence and how to engage in faithful conversations with youth and adult:

Resources to enrich the Season of Lent 2018

2018 Sam & Helen R. Walton Award Nominations Requested

The Office of Mission Program Grants current nomination forms are now available for the 2018 Sam & Helen R. Walton Awards for outstanding new church developments that have placed an emphasis on site acquisition.

The Mission Development Resources Committee (MDRC) will make decisions on Walton Awardees during their March 2018 meeting.

Please click here for a letter from the Mission Program Grant Office with further details

Please click here to download the Nomination Form

If you have any questions or comments about the Walton Award or Mission Program Grants, please contact our office. We are sure that we will be able to answer your questions and assist you through this process. Please visit our webpage for resources and application form.

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Public Transportation Options for the 300th Celebration

Bus lines to 2800 West Cheltenham

From Warminster/Willow Grove area, the 22

From Nicetown/Hunting Park area, the H

From Center City, the 23 & 77

Regional Rail Lines

You can take any of the regional rail lines to Jefferson Station in Center City, then follow the Bus directions from Center City.

Driving Directions

Click here to access Google Maps for directions to 2800 West Cheltenham Avenue and enter your departure point.


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