Next Church National Gathering Resources


NEXT Church recently hosted their annual national gathering in Seattle. They have compiled a collection of their keynotes, testimonies, and other resources here 


Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy Offers Resources on Social Justice Policies

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy offers the following publication resources on social justice policies:

Religious Freedom without Discrimination (available here) which affirms our denomination’s long history of championing religious freedom while at the same time decrying the use of such language for persecution and discrimination.

Honest Patriotism (available here) which encourages us to claim a place as people of faith in public discourse, championing honesty as a vital Christian virtue and challenging recent political language which degrades the value of truth.

Precautionary Principle: Managing Technological Risks to Protect Humanity and Our Planet (available here) which affirms our denomination’s commitment to protecting people and the environment from risks of damage from the introduction of new technologies–products like pesticides and food additives.  .

These documents join a comprehensive group of policy statements covering a range of issues including environmental concerns, economic justice, racial equity, health care policy, and just taxation. All of these resources are readily available to you and your congregations.

ACSWP is excited about serving as a resource to the denomination and we stand ready to assist you in any way we can to bring social justice issues into the life of the church. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if we can be of any help in creating robust educational and service opportunities for your mid-councils and congregations.

Board of Pensions Offers March 2019 Seminars: Hosted By Princeton Seminary

The Board of Pensions (PCUSA) announces upcoming Board University seminars hosted by Princeton Theological Seminary. They will be conducting the following seminars in March:

  • Wednesday, March 6, Render Unto Caesar (we will have an imposition of ashes in the morning) (for clergy, church administrators, and lay leaders who handle church finances and taxes)
  • Thursday, March 7 – Friday, March 8, Growing Into Tomorrow…Today (for plan members and their guests, 15 years or less away from retirement)
  • Saturday, March 9, Getting in Shape Fiscally (for plan members and their guests)

.February 18 registration deadline.

Board of Pensions plan members and members of the Presbytery of Philadelphia and neighboring presbyteries are invited to these events, which help provide necessary wholeness and financial education to BOP plan members and congregations.

We Need Your Help! A Letter from Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace

Dear Congregations, and Commission & Committee Members!

The Youth Triennium Leadership of our Presbytery is challenging our presbytery to help raise scholarship dollars by organizing a Silent Auction at our next presbytery meeting at Olney Presbyterian Church on Saturday, February 9th. The silent auction will be open at 11:00 am and will close before the end of the presbytery meeting around 4:00 pm. As we all know, for an auction to be successful we need items to auction off. I am hoping that we all might be able to help. If you are able to donate an item to help with this endeavor, it would be greatly appreciated.

Among some things you might consider are:

  • A basket with movie tickets and popcorn, candy, etc.
  • Wine basket
  • sports tickets
  • theater tickets
  • weekend away at someone’s home in the Poconos or other nice place
  • Dinner gift certificate
  • Children’s basket of books and other activities
  • Children’s toys
  • Motorcycle rides or airplane rides
  • Dance, Music, Art, Photography lessons (e.g. four free lessons…)

I think you get the idea. The goal is to have two full buses go to this Triennium in July of this year. Your assistance will help make this possible for many of our youth.

Please take a moment to consider what you might be able to contribute. Please click here to download the Youth Triennium Silent Auction form with contacts and dates, OR click here to fill out your submission online!

We are grateful for your continued leadership in our presbytery.

Blessings as we continue into this new year. See you at Presbytery meeting.


The Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace, Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Philadelphia

Synod of the Trinity 2019 Grant Application Deadlines Announced

All of the Synod’s grant applications have specific deadlines for application. Below is a list of those dates for 2019:

2019 Per Capita and Basic Mission

December 12, 2018

Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

In this season when we celebrate God’s Word becoming flesh in the birth of Jesus, we give thanks for the opportunity to minister alongside you. We appreciate the witness of our congregations as the primary way your neighbors experience what it means to be this distinct part of the body of Christ known as Presbyterian. Our purpose as the Presbytery of Philadelphia is to strengthen your witness, and through our covenant community to provide a much greater proclamation of the gospel than any one congregation could do alone.

Indeed, we see the gift of community as a primary way God’s spirit engages us, not just in empowering the ministry we are called to do in Christ’s name, but also in how we understand God defining that sense of call: We discern and decide in community; and then we engage from across the broad range of the voices, gifts, and experiences within our four counties to embody a diverse and unified expression of the Church which blesses us as it blesses the larger Church and the world.

This year, as we invite a renewed financial commitment between the Presbytery and our congregations, we hope to interpret the unique and related aspects of the per capita and mission budgets in ways your members will value. Click here for a bulletin insert describing the use and distribution of per capita (supporting the infrastructure needed for our discerning and deciding in community) and click here for a brochure for our mission funds (enabling ministry bearing witness to God’s redeeming love in Christ and making disciples both here and around the world). Both of these can be downloaded and shared with your congregations.

Please click here to download and print your 2019 mission commitment pledge form and to indicate your congregation’s intended mission giving to the Presbytery, and through the Presbytery to the Synod and General Assembly.

If you would like one or more of the executive staff to come and share with your session or another group within your congregation, we would be happy to do so. We are excited, humbled, and inspired to be serving in ministry with you in such a time and place as this. We believe your congregational leaders will also be inspired as they learn more about how they are a part of the many good things God is doing in and through us all as the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

As our 300th anniversary reminded us, we have been blessed to come this far together. We are grateful for your faithfulness on the journey. We invite you to prayerfully consider renewing and even strengthening your commitment to our communal witness as together we take the next steps on the journey where God leads.

Peace and Blessings,


Please contact [email protected] for your congregation’s assessed per capita statement (this is based on your 2017 Statistical report).

The 2019 Youth Triennium Silent Auction Fundraiser

Letter from Our Moderator, Elder Linda Rutkosky

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

One of the greatest privileges I have had as moderator is witnessing you, church leaders, teaching and preaching during a painfully confusing and unsettling time in our history. You are extraordinarily gifted teachers bringing the light and love of Christ Jesus into a world that is despairing, longing for healing and hope. I am keenly aware of how intensely difficult it is to teach and lead a people in what is a season of division. I am grateful for your steadfast leadership during this current cultural climate.

I respectfully encourage and welcome you to attend our next stated meeting of the Presbytery of Philadelphia on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at Wallingford Presbyterian Church. Pre-presbytery conversations begin at 2:00 p.m. and cover the relevant timely topics of emergency response resources for our congregations; understanding the important partnership we have with Presby’s Inspired Life as they minister to older adults; and understanding what our history informs and teaches us about present events through the ministry of the Presbyterian Historical Society.

One centerpiece of our meeting will be listening to a panel comprised of those serving the church in Validated Ministries. These panelists are leaders that serve the church as chaplains to the university and to older adults, as an educator/evangelist and in denominational service through the Board of Pensions. We will learn and affirm the importance and impact of these witnesses to the Gospel beyond the walls of our congregations. We will pray for all those leaders currently serving in Validated Ministries during our worship service.

One piece of important business to be conducted at our meeting is the re-election of our Executive Presbyter, Ruth Santana-Grace. During the worship service that immediately follows our meeting, we will hear the Rev. Dr. Beth Hessell preach on “Love in a time of Rumors and War.” Afterwards we will share a meal and fellowship celebrating the first five years of Ruth’s amazing journey in Philadelphia.

As we try to digest the escalating senseless violence and division happening within our world, let us pause and come together on November 13th as leaders and teachers bound together in faith, hope, love and gratitude.

Grace and peace,

Linda Rutkosky, Moderator

The Office of Mission Grant Programs (PCUSA) Announces 2019 Submission and Review Dates

The Mission Development Resources Committee offers grants for New Worshiping Communities & Presbytery-Level Transformation efforts.

  • Click here for an overview of the grants and awards available: New Worshiping Communities Seed, Investment, Growth & Health Insurance Grants, Presbytery Grants for Congregational Transformation and the Sam & Helen R. Walton Award.
  • Click here for the 2019 Proposal Submission & Review Dates.

Applications and resources for these grant programs are available for download through the Mission Program Grants website:

Ecumenical Equipping Event with Rev. Dr. Tod Bolsinger