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The 223rd General Assembly

Ministry & Leadership Incubator Placement: Oxford Presbyterian Church


Located in the Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood known as Mt. Airy, Oxford Presbyterian is an intergenerational and racially diverse congregation. While involved in various community ministries, Oxford is especially open to new and collaborative possibilities related to education and literacy programs. At Oxford, among other ministry possibilities, seminarians will bear witness neighborhood partnerships focused on the education of children, youth, and adults.

Emily Lueder is a graduate of Valparaiso University where she received a BA in Theology and Ministry. Before moving to Princeton, Emily was an active member at First Presbyterian Church of Crown Point in Indiana. Emily hopes to pursue a career as a hospital chaplain upon graduation and is a second-year student at Princeton.


Eric Hearst is a compassionate and empathetic professional who has dedicated his career to social work. Eric is an advocate and ally for students of all ages facing complex behavioral, social, and psychological challenges. Eric is a second-year student at Princeton.

Ministry & leadership Incubator Placement: Newtown Square Presbyterian Church


Located in Western Delaware County, Newtown Square Presbyterian Church and its surrounding community have undergone major transition and growth during the last five years. Aware of the emerging local demographics, NSPC is invested in new and intentional expressions of worship, education, children and youth ministry, and discipleship efforts. At NSPC, among other ministry possibilities, seminarians will bear witness through community formation and outreach to youth and the millennial generation.

Ryan Pearce is originally from the Bay Area, CA but a Pacific Northwesterner at heart. Ryan studied Neuroscience at Washington State University and originally planned to attend medical school until God opened his eyes to vocational ministry. Ryan is a second-year student at Princeton.


Lauryn Schrock is a graduate from Seattle Pacific University with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.A. in Communication. Lauryn is currently pursuing both an M.Div and MSW and aims to serve youth and their families in the future. Lauryn is a second-year student at Princeton.

Ministry & Leadership Incubator Placement: Aston Presbyterian Church

Celebrating 150 years, Aston Church is committed to faithful ministry in both their suburban community and the neighbor city of Chester. Aston emphasizes the creative use of drama and testimony in worship and dares to leverage new ministry partnerships to address racism, addiction, and pressing realities of broken education systems. At Aston, among other ministry possibilities, seminarians will bear witness through the creative arts, outreach to youth and young adults, and the development of urban-suburban partnerships.

Student Bios:

Hannah Sikes is a southern girl with a heart divided between Georgia and North Carolina. Hannah has worked in hospice in the past, has a passion for housing justice, and is interested in chaplaincy after graduation. Hannah is a second-year student at Princeton.


B.J. Chain was born and raised in Oxford, MS. He graduated with a Bachelor of General Studies degree with minors in Arabic, Linguistics, and Military Science from the University of Mississippi. Commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army Chaplain Candidate program, B.J. is also a second-year student at Princeton.


News from Chester Eastside, Inc.

Chester Eastside Marks Major Turning Point in its 32-Year History of Making a Difference:

In the words of one of its board members, Chester Eastside, Inc., is  “looking back and looking forward.” The Gala Celebration of April 29 was an occasion to honor Rev. Bernice Warren, celebrate the new Cultural Arts Program, and give welcomed Rev. Zuline Gray Wilkinson as the new Executive Director. Click here to read the full article by Will Richan.

The Gala was also reported in a recent article by the Delco Daily Times: “Retiring Chester Eastside Leader Celebrated.”   Click here to read the article by Times Correspondent, Leslie Krowchenko

Photo Credit: Chester Eastside Inc. board President John Mackey read the wording on a plaque for recently retired pastor/director Rev. Bernice Warren, center. Joining him for the presentation was newly-appointed Executive Director Rev. Zuline Gray Wilkinson, right. Leslie Krowchenko — digital first media.

Our Year of Ministry: May 2016 – May 2017

Our Year of Ministry: May 2016 – May 2017

Please click here for a PDF of our Mission Narrative for May 2016 – May 2017


Born in Faith. Rooted in Grace. Living into Hope: The First Presbytery in a New Nation

As a part of our 300th Anniversary, the Presbytery of Philadelphia produced a short film to reach back into our shared history and mobilize us for present and future witness. Check out how some of our leadership interpret what it means to be first, to include reflections from The First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and First African Presbyterian Church.

Consider viewing the short-film as a part of a Bible Study, Sunday School class, or youth ministry to spark. Then use the discussion questions below to generate faithful conversations and formative possibilities in and through your church or related ministry. Click here for a PDF of the Discussion Guide.

  1. Consider the tagline of the Presbytery of Philadelphia’s 300th Anniversary, “Born of Faith. Rooted in Grace. Living into Hope.” How did such faith, grace, and hope shape the particular mission, ministry, and activism of the early Presbyterians mentioned in this film?
  2. The public witness of the earliest Presbyterians led them to be viewed by those in power as social and religious revolutionaries, agents of change in both church and society. In what ways do you see this spirit of agency and public witness still at work in the church today? Where and how do you believe the church may be called to revitalize and embody this spirit in a new way?
  3. Our heritage can be a vital tool for imagining how we as disciples of Jesus Christ are called to bear witness to the gospel in this time and place.
    • What do you know about the relevant social issues and unique challenges your founders faced as they sought to be chartered as a congregation?
    • How does this history shape your sense of mission and engagement with your local community
    • What are the present challenges locally and globally your congregation already engages and/or may be called to engage?
    • Aware that there is no singular roadmap for present and future ministry, what resources, collaborations, leadership, etc. might be needed as you seek to engage new and faithful ministry in the days ahead?
  4. Suggested Exercise: Using three index cards, write “Born of Faith,” “Rooted in Grace,” and “Living into Hope” on separate cards. On the reverse side of each card list how each of these phrases pertains to the past, present, and future witness of your congregation and/or ministry.

The Well is Seeking Extra Dinner Donations

From The Welcome Church: Due to the happy fact that some of the women at The Well are scheduled to move into permanent housing very soon, The Welcome Church and Bethesda Project have decided to extend The Well for 2 weeks (after April 30), until the house is ready.

Therefore, we could use some extra dates of donations of dinners for The Well! If you can help or would like further information, please contact Rev. Schaunel Steinnagel at [email protected]

Thank you for your help with an amazingly successful season!

Two-Year Remaining Canon Image Runner Copier Lease Available!

The Mount Airy Church is asking if another church would be willing to take over their copier lease for the remaining two years.

The machine works great making clear, color and b&w copies and print jobs. It can connect to computer networks. It has many high end features including Job Codes, Saddle Stitching (booklets stapling), etc. Great for bulletins and other general office needs.

It is on a lease with Canon Financial that ends 8/29/19. Our current lease payment is $290.00 per month. We are looking for someone qualified that would take over the lease. Canon would just need to approve the new lessor and sign for the takeover of the lease.

Please click below for PDF’s information sheets on the copier: