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Registration Open for Fall Fest 2019

A Season of Peace: September 1 – October 6, 2019

2019-2020 Student Placements Announced


The 2019 Covenant Fund Now Accepting Applications!

June 7, 2019 is the deadline to apply for the 2019 Covenant Fund!


Dates for the 2019 Covenant Fund:

  • Application available: April 5, 2019
  • Deadline to apply: June 7, 2019
  • Recipients Announced: August 2, 2019

Application Criteria & Process:

  • New initiative proposals should demonstrate creative approaches to ministry and mission that show an understanding of how the world and church are changing, imagines and risks doing ministry in a new way, and encourages collaboration and partnership.
  • Applications must be a church/entity or multi-church/entity initiative. Churches/entities wishing to request Covenant Fund support for initiatives must be current in their per capita and general mission payments.
  • Grant applications must be authorized by the session of a congregation or a council of the Presbytery. Preference will be given to those applications that include supporting funds from the church/entity.
  • New initiative proposals will be considered for only three consecutive years. Applications must be submitted each year, with each subsequent year declining in potential award amount to  demonstrate progress in new funding partners and self-sustaining financial models.
  • Only mission or ministry programs will be considered – no capital expenditures or church budget support.
  • Maximum amount granted: $15,000.
  • New initiative proposals will include budget, measurable goals, built-in evaluation process, and defined outcomes.
  • Applicants will be assigned a liaison from the Commission on Resources and Communications to assist in the application process and follow-up on ministry initiative should the grant be awarded to the applicant.
  • A Covenant Fund Grant Review Cohort, consisting of leadership from various Presbytery commissions, Presbytery Leadership Collegium, and Presbytery’s Executive Staff will review and evaluate all new initiative proposals after the application deadline.
  • Funds will be distributed to recipients of Covenant Fund Grants on receipt of agreement letters.
  • Submit applications to: Betsi Moise at [email protected]
  • For application questions, please email the Associate Presbyter, Rev. Greg Klimovitz at [email protected]

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Ministry Innovation Seminars: 2019 Resources

Ministry Innovation Seminars: 2019 Resources

We had a great two days of conversations and workshops related to ministry from beginnings to new beginnings. Thank you to all who attended and to the CRC who facilitated discussions. If interested in the resources provided, we have provided digital versions below for use in your discernment, development, and prayerful witness as God’s people. Everything below is free for use and distribution.

Did you attend the seminar? Your feedback is appreciated as we seek to provide future gatherings and conversations that meet you where you are in the designing and discerning of faithful ministry. Click here for the evaluation form.

“Don’t measure yourselves by your numbers. Measure yourselves by the sincerity of heart with which you follow the truth and light of our divine Redeemer.”
Oscar Romero, Dec. 19, 1977 (Violence of Love)

Covenant Fund Criteria

Covenant Fund Online Application

The Covenant Fund Online Application Dates and Deadline

  • Maximum Grant Amount: $15,000
  • Application Launch: April 2020
  • Application Deadline: June 2020
  • Recipient Announcement: August 2020
  • Click here for Criteria


  • 2020 Covenant Fund Application


    All responses should be limited to approximately 250 words.
  • The Presbytery of Philadelphia is a covenant community whose primary ministry and mission is to serve its churches by connecting and developing its leaders and empowering and supporting its congregations so they may best exhibit the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Confident that God is always faithful to us, we prayerfully abide, dwell, and build with one another, excited and hopeful about God’s wide-open possibilities for being church in the world today.”

  • Budget Categories INCOME: Covenant Fund Request, Session/Congregation Contribution, Other Sources (specify) Total Projected Income $ EXPENSES: (please itemize expenses, e.g. materials, operating expenses, training, etc.) Total Projected Expenses $


A Pastoral Word as We Grieve with Our Muslim Neighbors

“But wanting to justify himself, he asked Jesus, ‘And who is my neighbor?’”
Luke 10:29

This morning, we awakened to the news of yet another act of senseless violence in a place of worship. While the details are still unfolding, what seems clear is that at least 48 worshippers of all ages have been killed and at least 20 more injured in a coordinated attack on more than one mosque in New Zealand. While all the particulars may still not yet be known, one thing is abundantly clear – the mosques in New Zealand now join the churches in South Carolina and Texas and the synagogue in Pittsburgh (among other places known and unknown) as chilling reminders that the plague of hate continues to manifest across the world even in those spaces once considered sacred.

Most abominable in these acts is the apparent presumption in the minds of the perpetrators that their actions may somehow be justified by their following a different religious tradition than the victims of their violence, when all the major religious traditions of the world share some articulation of loving your neighbor as yourself as a foundational principle.

As we pray for our neighbors in New Zealand, both those grieving loved ones and those grieving the sense of living in a land where they were safe from such atrocities, may we redouble our commitment to being the ministers of reconciliation and messengers of the gospel of peace with the neighbors in our midst. May we allow the depth of the brokenness experienced through this event to infuse our reflections on our own lives and relationships this Lenten season so that we might indeed “think globally and act locally” – very locally—as we seek to more fully live out the love of God in Christ in our engagement with others in our families, churches, communities, and indeed, the world.

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