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Chester Eastside, Inc.’s After-School Program Children Part of White House Visits

Trip of lifetime: Chester children and their adult guides check out the White House.

By Tim Reardon

CEI_kids in DCPictured: Second row center are Professor Mark Wallac of Swarthmore College and Kathryn Redd, Director of the After-School Program at CEI, one of the trip’s sponsors.

Thirty-five Chester children, including many from Chester Eastside, Inc.’s, After- School Program, and their adult chaperons, took a trip on April 2 that they will never forget. They got to see the inside of the place President Obama calls home.

No, they didn’t shake hands with the President, who was busy dealing with things like foreign policy and global warming. But they did get to see the elaborate security apparatus that constantly surrounds him and the rest of the First Family. Needless to say, they were impressed with what’s gotten to be a daily routine for the Obama children.

In a way this was a payback visit. During his 2008 campaign the President visited Chester. Of course the young Chesterites who were even around then would have been too young to remember.
In the words of Kathryn Redd, director of the After-School Program at Chester Eastside, Inc., one of the sponsoring organizations,”This was a wonderful history lesson for these children, one they will never forget. As the first black President of the United States, President Obama is someone they can emulate.”

Swarthmore College and the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility helped to arrange the Washington trip, which was sponsored by Chester Eastside, Inc., and other faith-based organizations.

The White House was not the only stop in the nation’s capital. The young people also visited the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. They seemed particularly impressed by the giant pandas. But what will stay with them for the rest of their lives was that brush with history at the site where major decisions are made every day.

Please click here to visit Chester Eastside Inc.’s website.

Kirkwood Camp News, Spring 2016

A Grant Designed to Encourage New Ventures

The Developmental, Risky, Experimental, Adaptive Mission (D.R.E.A.M.) Grant is being offered by the Presbyterian Mission Agency in order to encourage dreamers, risk-takers, pioneers and trailblazers. We need such people who are not afraid to fail and church cultures that will encourage people to risk failure in order to find new ways to succeed. We are seeking to find persons and ways to invigorate the Church anew.

bsm-300x169September 2016 DREAM Grant Recipient: Broad Street Ministry’s new urban garden initiative received a $10,000 D.R.E.A.M. grant through the Presbyterian Mission Agency. Read more about Broad Street’s Grant here .

This grant is designed to encourage the birth of new ventures through congregations and presbyteries rather than to support the expansion of existing programs within congregations. For the purpose of this grant, new is defined as an initiative that was created no earlier than January 1, 2014. This grant will be offered as long as resources are available. This grant will not support the creation of new worshiping communities and congregations. If you need funding for the establishment of new worshiping communities and congregations, please contact Tim McCallister for more information.

The DREAM grants are the result of funds that have been given to support the following historic missions of the PC (USA), particularly among racial ethnic and rural populations:

  • Rural, remote, or urban churches that are establishing ministries that will enable them to better accomplish mission in an appropriate context;
  • Ministries that are charged with reaching, loving and teaching college age or young adults so that they may be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ;
  • Congregations that are effectively becoming more multi-ethnic in character;
  • Ministries with Racial/Ethnic and New Immigrant populations that are thriving and wish to accomplish even more;
  • Emerging leadership models for mid councils that create safe space for innovation.
    An initiative will receive a one-time D.R.E.A.M. Grant of up to $10,000. Matching funds or in-kind contributions are encouraged, but not required. These grants may be used to support the D.R.E.A.M. initiative in any way that will enable the initiative to achieve its goals. These grants are limited to ministries that are related to the Presbyterian Church (USA), and are located within the United States and Puerto Rico.

Deadline to Submit your Application is October 6, 2016

In 2015, two of our own ministries received DREAM Grant Awards: The Common Place and Welcome Church. Read more about their ministry and other DREAM Grant Recipients:

Workshops Available through the Leadership Institute at Union Presbyterian Seminary

There’s still time to register for some exciting opportunities with the Leadership Institute at Union Presbyterian Seminary!  

April and May:  Church Business Administration seminars in Charlotte.  These seminars meet the core course requirements for certification through The Church Network, but may be taken by anyone interested in administration in the church.

Seminar for the spring:  April 7: Human Resources Issues – Legal with Brian Barger; April 21: Human Resources – Personnel with Julie Bilodeau; May 5: Communications Issues with Ken Garfield; May 19: Strategic Planning with Ken McFayden.  If you are seeking certification, the two Human Resources seminars must BOTH be taken.  Cost:  $275 for all four seminars; $85 for each individual seminar.  Lunches available for $12.  Go to:

Union SeminaryContact: Marilyn Johns, D.Min., Director of Program Development – The Leadership Institute, Union Presbyterian Seminary

*Richmond Campus: 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227  * Charlotte Campus: 5141 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC   28210

804-278-4383 or 800-229-2990 X 383, FAX 804-278-4360,  email: Marilyn Johns


Place Your Orders for the 2016-2017 Presbytery Planning Calendars!

The Presbytery Planning Calendars are now available to order through the Presbytery office!

Order Your Planning Calendars by Friday, April 15, 2016 for the 2016-2017 Presbyterian Planning Calendar.

This calendar is an invaluable resource for the whole church that includes photographs of Presbyterians living out their faith across the country and around the world.  This 19-month calendar contains many planning aids for pastors and other church leaders.

In the calendar, you will find the lectionary for Sundays and special days, liturgical days, liturgical colors, resource information for  PC(USA) programmatic emphases, updated synod, presbytery and Presbyterian Mission Agency staff directories, color foldout synod/presbytery and world maps.  Calendar pages begin with June 2016 and end with December 2017.

The total cost for each calendar is $9.50, which includes the cost of shipping to the Presbytery.
Calendars will be made available at the Presbytery office for pick-up.

Please include your check (Payable to the Presbytery) for the appropriate amount.

Please contact Amy Ayres  if you have any questions or to place your order.


On Friday, March 25, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. the West Kensington Ministry at Norris Square will hold it’s annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross-Through Artists’ Eyes Procession. Once again, a diverse group of artists will interpret the tradition of Jesus’ walk to the cross.
If anyone is considering being a presenting artist, please let Rev. Adan Mairena  know so that he reserve a place for you.


List of Stations:

  1. Christ condemned to death – RESERVED, YC
  2. the cross is laid upon him – RESERVED, AG
  3. His first fall –
  4. He meets His Blessed Mother – RESERVED- SG/LS
    Simon of Cyrene is made to bear the cross –
  5. Christ’s face is wiped by Veronica – RESERVED – DDJ
    His second fall –
  6. He meets the women of Jerusalem – RESERVED -TWL
  7. His third fall –
  8.  He is stripped of His garments –
  9. His crucifixion –
  10. His death on the cross –
  11. His body is taken down from the cross –
  12. laid in the tomb –

YouTube Videos of previous pilgrimages:

Letter from Janet Brown, PW Moderator

pw_LOGOBTo:         Sisters in Christ in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

From:    Janet W. Brown, Moderator, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

Subject: Dates for PW Presbytery Events

Date:     February 24, 2016

Several PW events are listed below for your 2016 calendar.  One Body, One Spirit continues to be our theme for the spring as we underscore the needs of all to practice freedom with love.  The power of One is ever important.  We know that one good person can change the world, offer reconciliation and mercy, or bring hope.  Two can walk together through an experience to share and enlarge their congregational ministry and offer it as a blessing to others.  During this time of Lent, we reflect on the One who sacrificed all for all.  May God bless your ministry.

Calendar Dates:

Friday, March 4:  World Day of Prayer, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, Congregational Hall, Ministries Center Building, 625 Montgomery Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA   10 a.m.   Fellowship at 10 a.m.  Service at 11 a.m.  The service was written by the women of Cuba which calls us to receive the kingdom of God as little children.

Saturday, April 23:  It’s All About the Accessories Fashion Show, The Church on the Mall, 500 West Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA  9:30 a.m. – 12 noon.   Donations of Scarves, Jewelry and Belts in new or very good condition for resale will be collected by Congregation Moderators until March 27.  Questions may be directed to Maureen Prillerman.  Collection points throughout your region will be designated.  PW Presbytery Officers will be installed by Martha Manning, Synod Moderator, and the 2016 Synod Project Mission Project—19th & York—will be dedicated.  Items donated will be resold for a nominal price at the close of the Gathering.  Proceeds will benefit Mission Projects.

Friday and Saturday, June 3 and 4:  Synod Eastern Regional Gathering. Highland Presbyterian Church, 500 E. Roseville Road, Lancaster, PA.   This is a PW retreat for four presbyteries in the Synod of the Trinity and is currently held once every three years.  Our goal for the Presbytery of Philadelphia is to have 20 present for at least one day of the retreat.  Contact Janet Brown for more information after reviewing flyers.

The PW Quarterly News is available on line at  Select About PW, then select the most recent quarterly newsletter.  The featured article reports:  Presbyterian Women takes on children’s education and literacy.  This issue is very informational and has many suggestions for you to incorporate at the congregational level.

You remember, Chester Eastside, Inc. received a recent Thank Offering from Presbyterian Women.  Tell me now if you know of someone with a wonderful project that could qualify for a Thank Offering this year.  Praise God more than 100 attended the dedication for a state-of-the-art computer learning center to enhance the After School Program and with a goal of also expanding services to meet the needs of adults.

Blessings and Peace,

Hebrews 13: 20-21

Penn Wynne Begins “The Bridge”, a New Healing Service

The Bridge—A New Twelve Step Recovery Healing Service

Those whose lives have been touched directly or indirectly by addiction know that getting clean and sober is hard work. With a drug addiction epidemic ripping across our nation more and more families are experiencing the heartbreak and despair of watching loved ones withdraw into addiction. Often this is an unintended and tragic result of the medical profession’s compassionate desire to treat pain. And alongside opioids we now have a catastrophic collection of illegal drugs, and of course the drug that has always been with us—alcohol. Human beings are capable of becoming addicted to things that don’t fit the drug profile as well. Food addiction, gambling addiction, technology addiction and pornography addiction are endemic in American society. But nobody talks about it, at least not in church they don’t. Church is for good people, right? Church is for people who never make mistakes, never struggle with addiction, never need a helping hand at all. There’s only one problem with this. If that kind of perfect church is in existence, Jesus isn’t in attendance.

Please click here for information on their first Bridge service on March 13.

To date, Twelve Step Fellowships are the single most successful treatment for addiction. Some people get annoyed about this, because God features heavily in the twelve steps. Most addicts arrive desperate and with no faith at all. Those who make it are those who are capable of being honest with themselves and who find faith. For some this is as far as they want to go. They are perfectly content to let their home group be their faith community. But for others there is a deep hunger for the sacred—for something more—for the kind of healing grace traditionally found in a church. Unfortunately church just doesn’t feel comfortable.

To meet this need, on Sunday, March 13th at 6:30 pm the Penn Wynne Presbyterian Church, (130 Haverford Road, Wynnewood 19096) is hosting a new kind of service. It is a healing service designed by and for people in Twelve Step Recovery groups, although, as Pastor Lisa Farrell will be quick to tell you, everyone is invited. The service is called The Bridge, because that is what it is intended to be—a bridge connecting people to God, people for whom organized religion hasn’t always worked very well. Pastor Farrell is especially sensitive to the need, because she herself is a person in recovery. “God loves us unconditionally,” says Pastor Farrell, “but many churches have been very poor at demonstrating that love. Twelve Step programs have brought many back to faith or to faith for the first time, yet church settings often feel strange and unfamiliar. We are designing a service that feels like home.”

The service will include readings from the bible, a meditation, and contemplative Christian music that is both ancient and contemporary. It will be a healing service with an opportunity for people to receive confidential prayer with the option of being anointed with oil, an ancient practice that has been associated with healing for over 2000 years. “And that prayer,” says Pastor Farrell, “can be for anything. You can come for physical healing. You can come for emotional healing. You can come to ask God to remove the desire to pick up a drink or a drug, misuse food, gamble, obsess over social media or watch porn. You can come without having a clue what you need, and we will pray for you just the same. It’s completely confidential, and completely judgment free. God loves us unconditionally.”

The theme of the first Bridge Healing Service will be powerlessness, a universal human experience. ALL are welcome, not just those touched by the devastation of addiction. For more information check out Penn Wynne’s website, or call the church at (610) 642-1308.

Please click here for a downloadable brochure to share with your congregation: The Bridge pamphlet


Interim Ministry Collegium is Now “Transitional Leadership Forum”


The Interim Ministry Collegium is now the Transitional Leadership Forum. This is in keeping with national trends whereby Interim Ministry Training has been replaced by Transitional Ministry Training. It is also a recognition that more and more churches are in transition, although they may not be in a formal interim situation.
Therefore, in 2016 the Transitional Ministry Forum will be offering training programs which apply to churches that may not be in a formal ‘interim’ period in addition to those that are in such a process.

Transitional Leadership Forum is open to church leaders from any church in the presbytery. It meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 12:30 in the Presbytery Office. Depending on the topic, meetings will last for 1, 2, or 3 hours.