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Digital Ministry ZOOM Resources 101

With Lent season here, Easter week services around the corner and presbytery meetings on the schedule, Mike Givler (Communications Coordinator, Synod of the Trinity) wanted to share some tips on how to get the most out of Zoom for these special events.
The latest version of Zoom is 5.5.2. To download the newest version:
  • Log into your website account
  • At the very top upper right, click “Resources,” then “Download Zoom Client.”
  • The first item is “Zoom Client for Meetings.”
  • Click download.
You will need this latest version in order to activate some of the features below.
Spotlighting allows the host to select the person who is speaking to be the featured video on everyone’s Zoom. If you have a preacher or guest speaker at your event, you’ll want to spotlight them during their presentation so your attendees can view them when they are speaking. You can also toggle back and forth between speakers, if there is a question-and-answer period where you want to show the person asking the question, then flip to the person answering the question.
Let’s say you are doing communion with shared reading parts, or have two (or more) speakers with alternating speaking parts. Yes, you can toggle back-and-forth between the various people, but a much better way to show both speakers is through Dual Spotlighting, which allows multiple speakers to be featured on your screen at the same time! (You can “spotlight” up to nine people.) This is a fairly new tool on Zoom, but one you’ll want to know how to use for meetings and worship.
As you’re aware, you can change the view of what you’re seeing in the upper-right corner of your laptop screen (Speaker and Gallery views). Speaker view is similar to “spotlighting,” in that the person talking is highlighted. However, in speaker view, if someone is not muted and making noise, the focus will shift off the featured speaker and onto the disruptive person (we’ve all been there, right?). Also, with spotlighting, as noted above, you can highlight multiple people, but in speaker view only one person can be highlighted.
I hope these are helpful tips for you and will enhance your worship service and meetings going forward! 

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