A Note from the Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia

Happy New Year from the Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of Philadelphia!

If your church is a PW Congregation of the Presbytery of Philadelphia, we need your historic information for 2017. Please download the following form and return your completed report to Janet W. Brown @ [email protected] by January 16, 2018.

Thank you for your ministry in and among us!


PW Newsletters and Resources

Presbyterian Women Newsletters and Resources

Each quarter, learn about the worthwhile and exciting work of Presbyterian Women by downloading and reading PW’s quarterly churchwide newsletter. You’ll be in the know about all the latest leadership and mission opportunities, new resources, giving opportunities, peace and justice programs, special events, offerings and more!

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HORIZONS magazine provides information, inspiration and education from the perspectives of women who are committed to Christ, the church and faithful discipleship.

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A Letter from the Moderator of Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia

To: Churches in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

From: Janet W. Brown, Moderator, Presbyterian Women
Subject: April 22, 2017 and June 15-17, 2017
Date: March 15, 2017

When the historical report for the Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia is given to the Reverend Kevin Porter, our Stated Clerk, I am more than grateful for your commitment to mission and for keeping alive the voice of PW in our Presbytery. Whether it is sharing information from the Horizons magazine, participating in weekly or monthly Bible study, welcoming the others of the world into the life of your ministry, your congregational work is a spoken prayer. Thank you.

The Thank Offering and Birthday Offering are ever more important this year. As you know projects are carefully selected at the PW Churchwide level yearly, and I encourage to apply at the congregational level to be considered.

This is a special invitation to seek your support as PW welcomes PW Synod Moderator, Martha K. Manning, on April 22, at the Church on the Mall. Click here for a flyer to share with your congregation. In addition, to installing new officers, we will have a leadership discussion based on the new PW manual. The manual is well written and explanatory on participation from a congregational perspective. We never ask for registration for our events, but I am encouraging you to come to welcome Martha, to celebrate with the new officers, to learn and listen, and to share Holy Communion on this day of light in the Presbytery of Philadelphia. Stepping out to testify to the importance of our faith impacts those around us more than we know. Pray about this meeting after you read this and find others to share this personal invitation.

For the Spring Gathering on April 22, the CT has suggested that you bring a hygiene kit in response to the great need of women’s ministry in our area. Help by donating an entire kit or a single item to the collection bin which will be available for your donation. Kit includes hand towel (approx.. 16×28), wash cloth, wide-tooth comb, nail clippers, bath-size soap bars, toothbrush, 10 Band-Aids or other adhesive strips.
“Created to Shine” is the Synod of the Trinity Gathering to be held at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Rooms are available at the Marriott Courtyard. The dates are June 15-17 and this event promises to open your heart to the Spirit. Please contact me if you would like to attend this event and need scholarship help—registration cost is $175 and hotel expenses are on your own. Questions should be directed to Suzanne Herger, PW Synod Vice Moderator for Programs. [email protected]

Peace for the journey.
janet w. brown, Moderator, PWPP
[email protected]

A Letter from the Moderator of Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia

Created to Shine…Created to Shine…Created to Shine…Created to Shine…Created to Shine…………………..

To:  PW in the Churches in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

From:  Janet W. Brown, Moderator of PW in the Presbytery

Subject:  Monthly PW News

Date:  January 19, 2017

It is with deep sadness that I share with you the passing of Marilyn Gathers, Moderator of Region 1.  Her Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, January 21, at 11:00 a.m. at the Oak Lane Presbyterian Church.  Her life blessed many within the bounds of our Presbytery.  Her grace and understanding of the larger issues surrounding a question informed all.  We extend deep sympathy to her family and dearest of friends.

Thank you for attending the Christmas Mission Luncheon.  Oxford Presbyterian offers us their good leadership and radical hospitality.  Benefitting this year’s donation was the Welcome Church.  We filled a van with requested items from their wish list and the offering will supply more items for the coming months to support the lives of women in transition.

York and 19th, the afterschool program offered by Bethel Presbyterian Church is changing lives as they benefit from the funds collected by PW at the Synod level.  Sixteen presbyteries helping Earlissa Marable and her volunteers provide a sanctuary for those who are focusing on educational success became a reality in the fall of 2016.

On April 22, 2017  the Church on the Mall is the place to be for spiritual enrichment, community building and the celebration of new leadership for PW in the Presbytery of Philadelphia.  Find a way to be present from 9:30 a.m. until noon.  More information will be available after our CT meeting on February 28.

Created to Shine is the theme for the PW Synod Gathering in Altoona, PA on June 15-17. Begin saving now for this triennial event and experience exchange with like-minded women interested in God’s will for the world.

Look for a surface mailing from me of a historical report that is requested yearly.  If you are no longer the proper leadership contact, please make sure that it gets to hands that can fill it out and return for the benefit of the pcusa historical community.

Bring a smile to someone else’s face; speak kindness; use the gifts that God has given you; pray and pray again.

Grateful for the joy your share,

Janet W. Brown

Janet W. Brown, PW Moderator

A Letter from Janet Brown, Moderator of the Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia

pw_LOGOBTo: Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia
From: Janet W. Brown, Moderator
Subject: Fall Gathering on October 8, 2016

Carry the light to the Church on the Mall on Saturday, October 8, for the PW Fall Gathering. Join us at 9:30 a.m. for a continental breakfast before the 10 a.m. program.

Treasurer, Andrea Lawrence, will be available to accept the last quarter Mission pledge and new goal sheets for 2017. Your generosity has offered much to those with little to celebrate. Your kindness continues to offer hope and gives those receiving the opportunity to believe in the possibility of love. We have much to pray about for our communities. Let us know your concerns so that others can help you in your local Together in Service Projects. You will be renewed and uplifted by our time together.

Grace Marable, the Synod of the Trinity representative to the 2016 USAME, will have just returned to present her information and memories to us. Many applied and few were chosen to serve as listener and learner at this place in time. The window of reflection is short for Grace at this point, but I know you will be informed by her story.

Suzanne Herger will have information available for you to learn more about the June 15-17 PW Synod Gathering to be held in Altoona, PA. The theme is “Created to Shine”. Begin to save $2 a day toward your registration for this wonderful opportunity for inspiration, fellowship and participation in the Beloved Community of PW. Scholarship help will be available for this event.

We hope that you will again participate in the jewelry sale. Your past effort assisted The Welcome Church community during the months of much relocation for the homeless.

We stand on hallowed ground together when we come together–Hallowed ground for the Church on the Mall’s faithful in ministry for 50 years–Hallowed ground for the hungry searching for food and empowerment—Hallowed ground for the voiceless, waiting for words to mark their lives.

Bring your prayers. Pray for the CT. We pray for you. God is calling you to join others interested in changing the world!!

Peace and Blessing


Letter from the Moderator of the Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia

pw_LOGOBTo: The Churches in the Presbytery of Philadelphia
From: Janet W. Brown, PW Moderator of the Presbytery of Philadelphia
Subject: Annual Letter and Fall Gathering Promotion
Date: August 19, 2016


Presbyterian Women Sharing the Light


lightamongusDo you remember the porch light turned on in your neighborhood? It served as a reminder of welcome home. The theme for PW in our Presbytery this year will be a focus on the concept of light among us. Tell me how you plan to share this theme locally with a letter or email by November 25. Come to the Mission Luncheon on December 3 at Oxford Presbyterian Church to celebrate shared mission commitment.

We know that there are many ways to live out the Purpose of PW. Let the Holy Spirit empower your leadership as you commit to serving Christ with the challenges before us in our nation and the world beyond. Involve your congregation in your ministry by offering fellowship and opportunities to come alongside a group or organization seeking local volunteers. Pray for the PPPWCT and for what we might do together. Our Coordinating Team meetings are held at the Presbytery Office and open to all. Join us. Ask questions. Tell us what we can do to help you serve as a leader in your congregation.

fall-autumn-leaves-clip-art-borders_167476Thank you for your faithfulness. You continue to support others in countless ways. Leadership opportunities abound at all levels of the PW organization. Stepping into the larger church gives you the opportunity to exchange leadership ideas, share common goals, receive current information and form lasting friendship with amazing women across our denomination. Your faithfulness to second mile giving continues to change lives. The Mission Pledge makes possible the USA Mission Experience. Come to the Fall Gathering on October 8 at the Church on the Mall to hear John 1:5 through the lens of a participant.

How many of you receive Horizons? If you do not and would like to have a subscription to this publication, please let me know by September 10 ([email protected]). As Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia, we are encouraged to know and share current information on issues and projects as you fulfill your responsibility to carry Christ’s message and light in your congregation.

Save these dates in 2017:

  • April 22 for the Spring Gathering at the Church on the Mall
  • June 15-17 for the Synod Gathering at the Blair County Convention Center in Altoona, PA

Contact your Regional Moderator if you have questions. All are working together to share ideas and responsible service. Andrea Lawrence, Treasurer, receives all financial information.
Looking forward to seeing you face to face on October 8. Pass the blessing cup! “To bless is to put a bit of yourself into something. It is to make holy, to change something or someone because of your presence.” Marina Wiederkehr

The Presbyterian Women Manual is Now Available!

The PW Manual: A Guide for Groups (formerly the Presbyterian Women Manual) is now available!

This brand-new revision reflects changes in the landscape of the church and PW, and is the essential guide for PW leaders and circles. This guide includes the fundamentals—structure and relationships, tips for leaders, alternative ways of “being PW,” ideas for rejuvenating groups, staying connected and more—in a fresh format.

The PW Manual: A Guide for Groups is available in both print and electronic editions. Among the advantages of the electronic edition: you pay no shipping.

You may order the print edition (item PWR16120, $6.00) from Presbyterian Distribution Service by calling toll-free 800/524-2612 or ordering online at www.pcusa.org/store.

To order the electronic edition (item PWR16121, $6.00), please order online at www.pcusa.org/store. (Upon purchase of the electronic edition from www.pcusa.org/store, you will receive an email with a link to the PDF download. The file may be saved on the purchaser’s computer.)

Stay tuned! PW Manual: A Guide for Treasurers will be available later this year as a free download from the PW website, www.presbyterianwomen.org!

The Mission Pledge is PW’s annual fund that makes possible every mission, program and resource of PW, including the Churchwide Gathering. Give now to support Presbyterian Women’s witness in the world.

Letter from Moderator, Janet Brown

pw_LOGOBTo the Churches of Philadelphia
From: Janet W. Brown, Moderator, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia
Subject: Opportunity
Date: March 16, 2016

Tell someone that hope is available. While this hope is deep within our hearts, small acts with intention can bring justice and peace to others in Christ’s name. I was reminded on Monday to be sure and tell you that the Synod of the Trinity 2016 Offering for the after-school project, 19th & York, will be dedicated at the PW Spring Gathering on April 23. It has been a very long time since the Synod has selected a local project. The program is in the start-up phase. Response was immediate for this new umbrella of opportunity. This is an offering not a grant and an opportunity for 16 presbyteries to help as hope begins with education.

Tell someone that the Spring Gathering will be held at The Church on the Mall and will feature a fashion show and sale for the benefit of The Welcome Church. Nearly new donations of scarves, costume jewelry and belts are needed for this show and sale by April 8. If you cannot attend, you can donate. This is a time to declutter and help the homeless. PW Regional Moderators are the contact person to arrange for collection of your donation. Get your congregation involved. Presbyterian Women welcome the help of others with every project.

Tell someone that the sale of donated items will be a good day in April. Change Purse benefited from your generosity two years ago. See information on Presbytery website about the April 23 Spring Gathering.

Tell someone of your good works. Faith is first but we need to keep track of good works. Send historical form for 2015 to your regional moderator as soon as the information is gathered.

Tell someone that you would like to attend the Synod Retreat in June. Again, information is available and scholarships may be provided for first time attenders.

Tell someone about the radical hospitality that is offered in so many ways throughout our presbytery.

Blessings as we enter Holy Week.

communion narrow

Letter from the Moderator of Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia

January 28, 2016

More than 100 gathered for the annual Christmas Mission Luncheon to recognize those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Giftcards, food, supplies and cash donations received by the Philadelphia Veterans House on December 5 will continue to encourage their ministry. The House provides shelter, meals, support and serves as an administrative liaison for homeless veterans rebuilding their lives and provides outreach to at-risk veterans. Priscilla Peters has taken the lead responsibility for this luncheon for several years and all members on the Coordinating Team express their thanks to her and give God the glory for her gift of service. Many of helped within the Oxford community to bring this annual mission luncheon together. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A new year encourages you to consider new mission opportunities within your local communities. Your selected projects are the basis for Together in Service and can become an item for national attention and recognition when your story is shared. Soon local moderators will receive a packet of information about planned events for 2016 and also a historical form requesting information and photographs of projects completed during 2015.

Celebrate the formal dedication Chester Eastside’s new computer lab on February 7. Patience and prayer fulfilled this dream for the community and will empower those who use it to enlarge their lives.

Calendar these Dates:

March 4 World Day of Prayer
Theme: Receive children. Receive me.
Scripture: Isaiah 11:1-10 and Mark 10:13-16
Check for a listing of services closer to the date.

April 23 Spring Gathering at the Church on the Mall

It’s All About the Accessories—Fashion Show and Sale
More information on the collection points for costume jewelry, belts and scarves will be available on February 16. This event was well attended in 2014. Guaranteed joy if you come. Share that joy with someone!!

June 3-4 Synod PW Eastern Regional Gathering in Lancaster, PA.  Registration for this retreat opens in mid-February. Flyers and forms will be available soon.

Kindness is what we can offer every day as we recognize the other(s) in our lives. Your work at the congregational level is so important for the health and welfare of those without voice. Faithfulness is honored. Prayers are heard. Keeping knocking!!

peace and blessings,
janet w. brown, Moderator, PWPP

Presbyterian Women on Human Trafficking Awareness

Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia recognized January 11, 2016 as national Human Trafficking Awareness Day and encourage you to join others across our nation and the world to continue to pray for the end of modern slavery.

Prayer: God of love and mercy, you see every trouble, every cause for grief; you hear the desires of the vulnerable and strengthen their heart. Now, incline your ear to do justice for the exploited and objectified, so that your people will no longer strike terror on your—and our—earth. Amen

Awareness: To begin a conversation about human trafficking in your congregation, wear a dark blue ribbon on your lapel to show support for the victim of this human tragedy. You can raise awareness and advocate for laws at the state level to bring budget funds to align with new laws created by advocate voice. Congress can do more to work with the international community to create policies and procedures to ensure the rights and well-being of children, women and men who have been trafficked.

Resources: Educate yourself about this issue to increase the possibility of a better life for someone else. Read and review the resources located at www.presbyterianwomen.org/justice. You can learn how to identify the signs of trafficking and what you can do about them at www.polarisproject.org