Letter from Presbyterian Women, November 5, 2015

A Letter from the Moderator of Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia:

To the Churches of the Presbytery of Philadelphia,

Who We Are: Presbyterian Women know that mission matters, and it is our responsibility to offer justice and mercy in helpful ways to those seeking assistance. Our mission chair, Priscilla Peters, is very intentional in her work among us. She has identified a need in the veteran’s community to receive donations for 2015.

Veterans serve all: Your congregation may minister to the veteran community but many have not had this opportunity. Ask your congregation to help with this 2015 project. Share the selected project and the need with your church members. You may be overwhelmed by their response! We are praying for an outpouring of gift cards and donated items.

Click here for details on how we will be supporting our veterans at our Christmas Mission Luncheon.

As we gather again for the Christmas Mission Luncheon on December 5, come to enjoy the fellowship and to see response to your open hearts for the needs of others. No one wants to be less fortunate, but since the time of Christ this population has been identified as the one that is to be served by those living in the community of Christ.

If your congregation is located in Region I or II, please bring a donation of tea sandwiches. Region III and IV are asked for a cookie donation.

The first step in all of life is showing up! We will greet you with joy on December 5. See flyers attached related to location and donations.

Gratitude: On October 3, the Fall Gathering at the Church on the Mall offered a time of praise, sharing and listening to Presenter, Beth Zong. She told of her experiences related to the PWGlobal Mission Exchange as our representative from the Synod of the Trinity. PW continues to be the voice for those exploited through human trafficking.


  • March 4, 2016 – World Day of Prayer
  • April 23, 2016 – Spring Gala
  • June 3 and 4, 2016 – Synod Regional Gathering

Looking forward to seeing you on December 5,
janet w. brown, Moderator, PWPP

Letter from the Moderator of Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia


PW Fall Gathering: Gratitude is expressed for all that you do in the name of Presbyterian Women in your congregation. As you read this reminder of important dates for Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia, know that every need met by your intention and investment in the life of another is recognized.

The PWPP Coordinating Team acknowledges that your schedules are busy. Your dates are important to us. Bring information about planned activities for your ministry in 2015-2016 to Saturday’s Gathering. Even though times are perilous, blessings can be named among us. We need to continue to give God the glory for all that is accomplished by your hearts and hands among us.

Join us—Indeed, we are better together! Start your day by greeting a sister in Christ and with a continental breakfast at 9:30 a.m. Worship and program will follow. Ask questions, share fellowship and celebrate the call that God has placed in our trust. 2016 Mission Goal Sheets will be dedicated at the Christmas Mission Luncheon.  Click here for the flyer with more information: FallGathering_PresbyWomen_Fall2015.

December 5, 2015: PW Christmas Mission Luncheon: Priscilla Peters, Vice Moderator and Mission Chairperson, is planning The Christmas Mission Luncheon to be held at Oxford Presbyterian Church. Information concerning the selected mission will be available at the Fall Gathering on October 3 and posted in the Presbytery enews after the Fall Gathering.
Continue to pray. As we seek wisdom, it is provided by the God who loves us more than we dare imagine.

Wishing you safe travel for Saturday’s meeting,
Janet W. Brown
Moderator, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

A Letter from the Moderator, Presbyterian Women-Philadelphia

Greetings, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia—

As we prepare for the Fall Gathering on October 3 at the Church on the Mall in Plymouth Meeting, leadership for the future of the PW within our bounds is much on the minds of the Coordinating Team.

We are seeking leadership recommendations for a position on the Presbytery Coordinating Team for a term beginning in 2016. This is a wonderful opportunity for a PW in your congregation with a heart for mission, commitment to Bible study and prayer, and a willingness to explore gifts of ministry. Tell your pastor about this wonderful opportunity to serve. Put a request in your church bulletin. Meet with those of interest. Bring candidates to the Fall Gathering at the Church on the Mall. Let someone know you have noticed that they have gifts of ministry to share with others—give them a place to enlarge their voice and heart through the work of Presbyterian Women.

Out of Chaos, Hope is a new partnership between Presbyterian Women and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to train congregations and presbyteries in disaster preparedness. There is a plan in place for training members of PW from each presbytery. Requirements for trainers include:

  • Interest in disaster preparedness.
  • Three year commitment to actively seek, set-up, and conduct at least three disaster preparation training per year in congregations, clusters, and/or presbytery.
  • Presentation experience.
  • Comfortable using email and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Application process needs three references from: PWP or PWS Moderator, your pastor or clerk of session and someone who has heard you make a presentation.

If you are interested in knowing more about this training opportunity, contact me. I know we have someone of interest within our bounds. Are you the one?

Soon you will receive your July-August copy of Horizons. Immediately, turn to page 36. Give God the glory and thanks for the good news shared that ministries of Chester Eastside and Wayne Presbyterian Church are recipients of the 2015 Thank Offering. Children will benefit. Mission is possible!

We will be collecting canned goods for the benefit of the T.M Thomas Church in Chester on October 3.

For December 5, Priscilla Peters, Vice Moderator and Mission Chairperson, is planning our annual Christmas Mission Luncheon to be held at Oxford Presbyterian Church. Put this date on your calendar.

I encourage you to use the website for Presbyterian Women www.presbyterianwomen.org to find timely information and updates.

Your voice is very important to the world. Our faith rests on the power of God among us. How can we best serve? How can we best listen to others? How can we best not assume that we know the answers?

Pray for us. We pray for you.
Janet W. Brown, Moderator on behalf of the PWPP Coordinating Team
[email protected]

Please click here for the Fall Gathering Flyer: FallGathering_PresbyWomen_Fall2015


Presbyterian Women Helps Fund New Learning Center for Chester Eastside, Inc.

NEWS from Chester Eastside, Inc.

Chester Eastside, Inc., to have new state-of-the-art learning center, thanks to Presbyterian women’s group.

CHESTER. Education is at the heart of most programs at Chester Eastside, Inc. “We’re in the business, not just of meeting urgent human needs, but of helping the people of this community realize their full potential as well,” says Rev. Bernice Warren, Executive Director of the agency.

Now that mission has received a big boost in the form of a $20,476 grant from the Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (USA). The funds will be used to build a computer learning center for youth and adult education programs.

“Without this grant from the Presbyterian Women, it would have been impossible to create the learning center,” according to Rev. Warren. The facility will be located at the agency’s new home, St Paul’s Episcopal Church on East 9th Street, Chester.

Computers have become a must in all kinds of education in this rapidly changing world, and education is the most important means of helping people of all ages fulfill their dreams.

The direct beneficiaries of the new learning center:

  • Children in the After-School and Summer Camp programs, providing everything from tutoring to new life experiences in the wider world.
  • Older youth in the Peace, Leadership, and Cultural Arts Summer Camp, helping young people find constructive ways to deal with conflict, become the leaders of tomorrow, and get in touch with their historic roots.
  • Adults of all ages working to complete their high school education through the GED program. All GED testing is now done by computer.

The hope is that the computer learning center will be up and running by fall of 2015.

A Letter from the Moderator of Presbyterian Women, Philadelphia

To: The Presbyterian Churches in the Presbytery of Philadelphia
Subject: Presbyterian Women
Date: March 6, 2015

Radical hospitality is offered in countless ways by the churches of Philadelphia. Just mercy comes as we stay accountable and offer a voice for those places where we can make a difference. Thanks to all who submitted PW historical reports for the year 2014. Telling the story of the hungry fed, the children given self-worth and needed school supplies, the homeless comforted and those in harm’s way rescued, all speak to the work we do every day in the Presbytery of Philadelphia. Presbyterian Women worldwide continue to recognize and name problems. Together we can find solutions which speak with God’s wisdom and voice.

We are requesting churches to donate twin bed sheets and blankets (new or gently used) to Covenant House. The need is great and immediate. If you can respond, please leave donations at the Oxford Presbyterian Church. Questions: please contact Priscilla Peters at [email protected]

Hunger is still our focus for April 11. Walk or sponsor a group from a church registered on the Walk website for the Walk+Run Against Hunger originating at the Art Museum. More information is available at http://www.hungercoalition.org/hungerwalk.

April 18, 2015, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Spring Gathering at the Church on the Mall. More information will be sent to churches as soon as plans for this event are finalized.

Much happens in the spring months of the year. We can’t do everything that is asked of us. Nevertheless, it is important to continue to meet in community—in fact, it is our Biblical call in Hebrews. How we spend our time speaks volumes.

You can make a difference in your congregation by giving thanks on Sunday to those Presbyterian Women in your congregation who continue to support mission.

You can encourage young women to engage their leadership skills and faith commitment by attending Churchwide in June. Churchwide Gathering scholarships are available until March 20. Contact Janet Brown by email requesting scholarship assistance at [email protected]

Tell us your program theme for 2015. Invite to attend a program you have planned. We are grateful for all that you are accomplishing and want to share your good news with others.

There is a great quiet surrounding the snow today. May you find peace in the blessing offered every day.

janet w. brown, Moderator, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

Human Trafficking Awareness Update from Presbyterian Women

News from the Presbyterian Women of Philadelphia:

From Grace Marable, PPPW, January 27, 2015

On Monday, January 19, 2015 the PC (USA) and Peace Office held a roundtable call which I had the opportunity to be a part of to educate and empower local congregations on the current actions going on about the issues of Violence Against Women and Human Trafficking.

This call included a selection of women from various Presbyteries around the country and it also included two Presbyterian men out of Louisville, Kentucky.  They have joined in to support these critical issues that we are all facing today around the world.

The discussion was focused on Violence Against Women which is the third item on the list for United Nations  conference in March 2015.  We discussed the ways Presbyterian Women are working around the country supporting victims of violence and human trafficking.  They are looking for recommendations to take to the UN meeting so we can advocate for the adoption of a policy for the 2016 General Assembly.  The presence of Presbyterian Women at this meeting has now grown to 40 women.

There is so much information that can be found on the Presbyterian Mission website and the calendar for the year of 2015 has been released so you can be a part of various activities throughout the year to support these projects.



Thank You from Presbyterian Women Moderator, Janet Brown

Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your generosity on December 6 at the PWPP Christmas Mission Luncheon in support of Covenant House.  God continues to work among us through the leadership of Pricilla Peters, Mission Chair, through support of the Presbytery staff and with the radical hospitality of many at Oxford Presbyterian Church.

For many months, you have heard the phrase, “We are better together”.  Churches within the Presbytery are engaged in new ministries to feed, teach and worship in amazing ways.  Hope becomes real for others when tangible help is offered.  Help comes when a passion for sharing God’s love overrides obstacles.

Lots has happened during 2014 for PW in the Presbytery of Philadelphia. Help for the Care Closet community is now being offered under the leadership of Grace Marable, PW Social Action representative.  We hosted Lee Porter, artist of the Abiding Hope Bible Study, in April.  You know we changed lives by collecting hundreds of purses for resale at a reasonable cost and heard much from speakers about the scourge of human trafficking.  In the fall, Heeding God’s Call speaker, Bryan Miller, revealed ways to stop gun violence and honor victims. The Welcome Church received a 2014 Thank Offering and continues to deepen their relationship with the homeless community through worship, meals and outreach services.

In 2015, I encourage you to use your resources to minister as you can where you can.  Connect with another group of women in your area to continue to change lives.  Stay focused on what you can do right now.  Take time to help once the need is established.  Keep your community close in prayer.  Daily lives are ever changing, and we need to keep the message of Jesus prominent in our daily encounters.  Do not be discouraged by numbers.  God knows who is called to serve and will empower them.  Remember you are important to someone, someplace.

Listen for angels.  Rejoice in the Lord.  God is near.
Wishing all a blessed Christmas,
janet w. brown, Moderator, PWPP
[email protected]



Presbyterian Women come forward to help with Care Closets

The Presbytery of Philadelphia is pleased to announce that the Presbyterian Women (Philadelphia) will be undertaking a new hunger initiative to coordinate and to aid the Care Closets within the bounds of our Presbytery.  

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we know there is much work to do in Philadelphia as we strive to serve those in need. To that end, the Presbytery of Philadelphia celebrates this good news! We are so grateful to the Presbyterian Women (of Philadelphia) for they have come forward to commit to coming along side our Care Closets to help manage and coordinate the Turkey distribution (through SHARE), Aldi Cards and Payless Shoe Cards.  Their dedication and passion for this ministry will help our Care Closets continue to outreach to those most vulnerable in our communities.

This good news has been announced to our Care Closet representatives and in our e-news publication. We pray out blessings as the PW prepare to move into their position of responsibility for this mission work and you will soon be hearing from their Moderator, Janet Brown.  Please click here for a Letter from Janet Brown: HungerInvitation09 01 14


We thank God for the Ministry of the Care Closets in the Philadelphia Presbytery and are excited about this transition as hunger and food insecurities increase throughout the communities our Churches serve.  Under the shadows of our steeples here in Philadelphia 1 in 4 residents are at risk for hunger, more than double the rates reported at both the national and state levels.

As summer winds down, let us remember the hungry men, women and children amongst us. Most of us are familiar with photographs of hunger in developing countries—images of crying children with large bellies and emaciated limbs. But in the US, hunger has a different face. According the Hunger Coalition (Philadelphia):

  • Hunger is often hidden in the U.S. It’s a father skipping a meal so he can pay the rent.
  • It’s a mother going to bed without dinner so her son has enough to eat.
  • It’s a grandmother eating one meal a day so she can afford medication.
  • In the US, hunger looks like obesity. Families stretch their dollars by buying cheaper, high-calorie foods with little nutritional value. Low-income mothers often cut back on their own meals so their kids don’t go hungry. Such chronic ups and downs in food intake frequently lead to obesity among these women.
  • Additionally, many low-income neighborhoods, especially those in the inner city, don’t have supermarkets. That forces residents to rely on corner stores, which are much more likely to carry chips and soda than fresh fruit and vegetables.

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free”. Luke 4:18


Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

Dateline:  May 9, 2014

Subject:   PWPP Spring Gathering held at the Church on the Mall on April 26, 2014

Greetings to the Churches in the Presbytery of Philadelphia,

We have much to celebrate!  Let’s give God the glory for the dedication and Spirit-filled day which surrounded the ChangePurse event at the Church on the Mall.  Thanks to all who answered the call to contribute new and gently used purses for this PW sponsored event.

Our great thanks to Melissa Michael who directed our thoughts to current information about the need for our support of those working to eliminate the scourge of human trafficking in our culture.  The models for the Fashion Show represented several congregations throughout the Presbytery and brought great joy to the occasion.  Our tangible donation to the ChangePurse organization offered $1,121 with the sale of new and gently used purses.  Everything came together through prayer, attention to detail, and commitment to a shared vision.  We are better together when we offer God our best, and as your Moderator, I am grateful for the outpouring of love expressed by your participation on April 26.  “ThankyouThankyouThankyou”.

The Coordinating Team will meet at the Presbytery Office at 10:30 a.m. on May 16 to consider scholarship requests for the Synod PW Gathering at Waynesburg University on June 19-21.  Leadership training begins by knowing more about PW.  Pam Snyder, Vice Moderator for Mission Relationships of Churchwide PW will be the keynote speaker for this Gathering.  Participation in this Synod conference will offer a bridge to the Churchwide meeting in 2015.  Contact your regional moderator if you need more information about the June event.  Registration forms are available on line or can be sent to you upon request.

Pray for leadership candidates to come forward.  By God’s grace, the PW ministry within the bounds of the PC (USA) continues and offers empowerment to those without voice.

Wishing you a day filled with God’s peace and grace,

janet w. brown, Moderator, PWPP, [email protected], 610-306-0051


Presbyterian Women, Looking forward in 2014

Greetings for the New Year.

All of the PW Coordinating Team members remain grateful for your generous donations to Dawn’s Place as an outcome of our being together for the Annual PW Christmas Mission Luncheon. Your ministry has provided the blessing and a safe place in the lives of others. If you have future donations of bulk goods, please bring them to the Oxford Presbyterian Church. All monetary donations should be sent to Dr. Elouise Renich Fraser (check made payable to Dawn’s Place), 230 Conshohocken State Road, Gladwyne, PA 19035. Priscilla Peters, Mission Chair, would appreciate your sending and email to [email protected] to let her know the amount of your donation. Thank you.

Human trafficking can take many forms. It was identified as a federal crime in 2000 and is modern-day slavery. It is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. It is both the fastest growing crime and second largest organized crime in the world. We will continue to address our concern for this evil by offering a second program on this topic with our fashion show for the Spring Gathering on April 26 at the Church on the Mall.

We will work with an organization with local ties to our Presbytery entitled Change Purse. Change Purse is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to fighting sex trafficking through raising awareness and financially supporting faith based organization that provide hope and healing through their work with victims and survivors of this crime. Begun in 2010, Change Purse Board of Directors seeks God’s direction in the stewardship of funds received.

Human trafficking is a huge issue. How can you help? How can you make a difference? How can you get involved? Watch the enews for a flyer to advertise this event. Everyone in your congregation can help you help others. Do you have any extra purses in your closet? Are they in nearly new condition? Change Purse will accept all brands and styles of purses as long as they are currently in style. You can drop them off in locations to be designated at our January 28 PWPP CT Meeting. One will be near your congregation.

All donated purses will be collected by March 15 and priced for sale at our April Gathering. Any unsold purses will be forwarded with our donation from the sale of purses to Change Purse. Our speaker, Melissa Michael, who will engage us in her presentation.

Dates for your information:

PW CT Meetings:

  • January 21, Philadelphia Presbytery Office, 10:30 a.m. Lunch provided. RSVP to [email protected].  All planning for the Gathering will be accomplished at this meeting.
  • February 25, same location information. Topic: Planning other events in 2014.
  • March 25, same location information. Topic: Sort and price purses/final planning for Fashion Show.


  • April 2, Day of Seeing “An Abiding Hope” with Bible Study, a show of Quilts and a meeting with Lee Porter. Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, 10 a.m.
  • April 26, Spring Gathering Fashion Show and Change Purse presentation, Church on the Mall, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • June 19-21, PW Synod Gathering at Waynesburg University.

Peace for the journey, janet w. brown, Moderator