Message from Janet Brown, Presbyterian Women Philadelphia Moderator

We have much to be grateful for as we reflect on the outpouring of tangible hope for Dawn’s Place on Saturday, December 7, at the PW Annual Christmas Mission Luncheon. Once a year, PW in the Presbytery of Philadelphia focus on one mission to receive this offering.. Dawn’s Place is a ministry to improve the lives of women victimized by Commercial Sexual Exploitation, commonly known as “sex trafficking” and was selected as the 2013 recipient.

Under the direction of Priscilla Peters, Elder and Mission Chair for the Coordinating Team of Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia, churches were contacted to bring items deemed helpful for the work of Dawn’s Place to the Luncheon. More than 100 attended and participants entered bringing gifts to share. Mission displays circled the room. Guest Speaker, the Reverend Dr. Elouise Renich Fraser, was overwhelmed with the response as boxes and vans brought countless donations. In addition, those present were very generous in the monetary giving to the needs of Dawn’s Place.

The PWPP Coordinating Team expresses their appreciation to the Rev. Ethelyn Taylor and the Session and staff and volunteers of Oxford Presbyterian Church and to all who attended, made sandwiches and cookies, and glorified God with their voices and musical ability.

Thank you for living your hope in the Lord. Being present on Saturday and offering your gifts to the King changed lives. Thank you!

Second-mile giving is the heart of Presbyterian Women. Go Tell It on the Mountain is the hymn that closed the worship service–a response of joy for all received for this residential non-profit. Today is my turn! Tomorrow is yours!

Wishing you a blessed Advent Season,

Janet W. Brown, Moderator

To: All Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia

From: Janet W. Brown, Moderator, [email protected], 610-306-0051

Subject: Reminder of Coming Events

Date: November 7, 2013

Thank you for your faithfulness. So much has been accomplished by Presbyterian Women in the past 25 years through second-mile giving to mission. The role of women in society across the world is very different today than during the last century. We continue to work on sharing God’s radical hospitality, but I know that you are doing much in your local congregations to meet the needs of those seeking relief from hunger and discouragement.

We will gather again for the PW Christmas Luncheon at the Oxford Presbyterian Church on Saturday, December 7. This is such a wonderful day. Ample parking is available. We always have a great turnout and are overwhelmed by the generosity of our women. You are encouraged to contact Vice Moderator Priscilla Peters, [email protected]  with questions or a request for a display table. Dawn’s Place will be the recipient of our donations and offering. Registration is at 9:30 a.m. with the day’s program beginning at 10 a.m.

  • If you have not already done so, please send your pledge forms now to Grace Marable, 1721 E. Tulpehocken St., Philadelphia, PA 19138. Pledges will be dedicated on December 7.
  • The Coordinating Team of the Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia will be reviewing funding requests at their January 25, 2014 meeting.
  • The fourth quarter issue of the Quarterly News for Presbyterian Women Leaders is available at Select About PW, then select Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Many of you are wearing orange on the 25th of the month. Not sure how this will go on Christmas day, but I know that a T-Shirt is now available through Presbyterian Distribution Service to recognize the “Wear Orange” campaign.

Flyers will be available for the Spring Gathering and Synod Gathering at Waynesburg University on the PW display table in December. Prayers for your journey. Wishing you peace and a blessed Thanksgiving.


Presbyterian Women Eastern Gathering “Where Angels Tread”

On May 18 and 19, 2013, the Synod Presbyterian Women in the Eastern Region met for an overnight retreat at Harcum College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The Bible study and retreat theme spoke to the possibilities of ‘Where Angels Tread’. Presbyterian Women in the Philadelphia Presbytery hosted the event under the direction of Suzanne Herger, Past Moderator of PW. Donegal, Lackawana and Lehigh Presbyteries were also represented as well as various ages in the denomination. Read the reflections…

Earlissa Marable, Bethel Presbyterian Church USA: My experience at the Synod Presbyterian Women Eastern Regional Gathering was wonderful and a great learning experience. I had a great time worshipping with the PresbyterianWomen and interacting with those of different cultures and backgrounds. I have learned a lot about how the Presbyterian Women, who are caring and loving, and who fight for the rights and freedom of others.The Presbyterian Women have inspired me to always help those around me no matter how hard it may seem.

I enjoyed the lessons that were taught to us about angels and how they all don’t look the same and they are not always noticeable. You have to always be careful with the way you treat people and how you deal with them because they could be an angel and they come in various forms.

At my church I am a trustee and I work with the food cupboard. I am interested in working more with the Presbyterian Women as an advocate for hunger nationally. Hunger is something that I have been working with my mom with for about a year now and it has become something dear to my heart. My purpose in life is different from my career. My purpose in life is to serve the Lord and try to alleviate hunger globally. With this being my main purpose in life, I am ecstatic to do anything it takes to help demolish this problem.

Junior Deacon, Ashley Shaw: Throughout the whole Presbyterian Women’s Angel Retreat, I came to learn way more then I had known before. As a deacon and being on this very wise journey with the Lord, I have experienced more of what our Father wants us to experience. The time that I had spent with each sister was a very gracious experience.

Sitting together and learning to fellowship with one another became increasingly comfortable for me. Even me being at the age I am, and getting to see and experience how life in an dorm would be like was also great. I begin on a new journey with the Lord with high school graduation and this retreat sets me off in a good motion with him.

As a junior deacon in the Bethel Presbyterian Church on 19th and York, I have decided to work and learn and spread news about the human trafficking going on in the world today. With actually reading and seeing what has been going on in developing countries, it will help me experience brand new things that are not right in the Lord’s eye or from His point of view. As an entering Early Childhood Education major in college, I want to personally figure out what is happening to children I meet. This topic really sticks to my heart and makes me want to give input and to find ways to help. So every experience I go through just makes me better and more educated on what is going on throughout my surroundings. Even though the Women’s Retreat is over I would not mind doing it all over again, because it was truly a great experience.