Caught in the Spirit of Excitement and Anticipation

When I first learned that I would be a commissioner for this year’s GA, I was excited at the prospect of being a part of the process that enables the living organism called the PCUSA to continue to be vibrant, relevant and evolving.  I was looking forward to being immersed into the energy that I imagined would be generated when Presbyterian Teaching and Ruling Elders from all over the country converged.  When I learned that the GA would be conducted remotely online, I must admit I was a little disappointed that I would miss the atmosphere and experience about which I had heard so many former commissioners rave.   However, I have been pleasantly surprised that somehow, even through Zoom, I find myself caught up in a spirit of excitement and anticipation.  The meticulousness of democratic process through which the Assembly has been conducted is liberating.

The floor is open for everyone’s voice to be heard and it is evident that the participants drive the business and decisions that are enacted.  The worship has been Spirit-filled and the passion to be good stewards over the resources that have been entrusted in our care is evident.  I find the openness and honesty with which participants express their positions concerning the issues that face our denomination, this nation and this world to be refreshing.  And though we are just beginning, I believe that what is yet to come will be very meaningful and produce change and action.

Anna Grant-Borden, Teaching Elder, Presbytery of Philadelphia