Chester Eastside Ministries T-Shirt Memorial

The grounds of Chester Eastside Ministries serves as a Memorial to Victims of Gun Violence

On Saturday, June 22, 2014 on  the grounds of Chester Eastside Ministries a Ninth and Upland streets in the City of Chester, T-Shirts with the names of victims of gun violence was erected, which included a dedication of the “Memorial to Lives Lost to Gun Violence”.

Rev. Bernice Warren attended the dedication, and the event was reported by Loretta Rodgers of the Delco Times. We are grateful to Rev. Warren, Heeding God’s Call and the many other dedicated individuals and groups who are committed to ending the gun violence that plagues the Philadelphia area.  CEM_Tshirt_Memorial_JUN2014

“This is not a happy occasion,” said Chester Eastside Ministries Pastor the Rev. Bernice Warren. “These T-shirts represent human lives. We are really glad that the community has come out for this somber occasion. Look at these T-shirts and you realize the tragedy of it all. They are our mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, grandchildren and friends. They are all our children. This madness has to stop.”  From, June 22, 2014

Click here for a PDF of the article:  CEM_TSHIRT_MEM_07-02-14

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HeedingGodsCall2Heeding God’s Call is a faith-based, grassroots movement to prevent gun violence. We unite people of faith in the sacred responsibility to protect our sisters and brothers and children.

We call particular attention to the “supply side” of the gun issue, especially in our cities. We pose the question, “Where are the guns coming from and who is benefiting from illegal sales?”

We help interfaith, multi-racial communities join together to organize advocacy campaigns and public witnesses. These events raise awareness of the guns that flood illegally into our cities, while calling attention to the weakness of local and national gun laws. We seek to inspire religious people in opposition to the culture of guns that has dominated this country for too long, and we help to put that passion into action.

Heeding God’s Call currently has chapters in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Harrisburg, and Greater Washington DC, and we are a growing movement.

The Philadelphia Chapter of Heeding God’s Call, in cooperation with some churches of the Presbytery has been a Covenant Fund Grant recipient. 
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