Church Vitality Episode 1:
Conversations with Revs. Peter Ahn and Anna Grant-Borden

We are back for the fall with a lineup of conversations and stories we hope will encourage you all as you continue to be expressions of the gospel in your communities throughout Greater Philadelphia. To start the new season of PresbySpeak, each of the next three months we will feature reflections from pastors and leaders engaged in the Vital Congregations Initiative. You can learn more about this church revitalization venture of the PCUSA at and click Vital Congregations under our Ministry and Leadership incubator Tab. So much good stuff is available there. This week we begin with Rev. Anna Grant-Borden of Mt. Airy and Rev. Peter Ahn of Olivet Covenant. Also, stick around at the end of the episode as our Executive Presbyter, Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace offers a Blessing of Vitality for our congregations.

[the episodes are now available on YouTube and all the podcast platforms]