Greetings Clerks!

By now, you should have received an email regarding the 2019 Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire from the PC(USA).  The CAQ is shorter! It is four printed pages which is significantly shorter than previous years.  The questions focus on financial programs, financial management, and giving.  The time to take the CAQ is about 12 minutes.

The deadline is February 14, 2020

If you did not receive an email from the PCUSA, we have the following links for you:

Please contact Betsi Moise at the Presbytery office if you have any questions or require additional information: 215.242.1400, ext. 329, [email protected]

Also, just a reminder online statistical entry deadline is February 20, 2020!  If you need any help, please contact Betsi.

Thank you for all you do!