To Clerks and Financial Committees: PA Sales Tax Exemption

Please click here for a memo that needs to all churches, camps, or other related ministries that take advantage of our umbrella agreement for the PA Sales tax exemption form: 2015 Blanket Exemption Renewal Information

The Synod of the Trinity just received a notice from the PA Department of Revenue notifying that the automatic renewal for the PA sales tax exemption scheduled for March 31, 2015 is taking place NOW!  (Apparently they are doing this because they are about to implement a new tax system.)

What you need to do is notify everyone to look for their new certificates – and not throw it away!  If they haven’t received it by the end of this year (12/31/14), they need to request the new certificate by emailing me.  The information is in the memo.  I have also requested this information be put up on the Synod’s website (

Thank you for your immediate attention to this.  Please contact Chantal Atnip, Treasurer of the Synod of the Trinity, at: [email protected]