On Ordaining and Installing Officers:

As this pandemic season continues to evolve into uncertain time frames, many of our churches will be passing on the leadership baton to newly elected officers. In an effort to lean into the ministry and mission of the church, we encourage you to move forward with the ordination and installation of officers using a virtual platform. This requires that the leadership of the church embrace their vow to lead with “energy, intelligence, imagination and love. This is indeed the season for using our imagination in a way that allows for the spirit of our governance to be incarnated differently.

For example, regarding the laying on of hands – one solution might be to invite the congregation to stretch out their hands in a virtual laying on of hands while the pastor prays. Those being ordained/installed might also be encouraged to place their hands on their heart to receive the virtual blessing in their homes. We are confident that the Holy Spirit’s blessings will not be contained nor limited by our computer screens.

Once the congregation is able to fully gather again, this moment can be reaffirmed and reclaimed by the full worshipping community.