300 Days for 300 Years: A Commemorative Devotional of the Presbytery of Philadelphia
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Elder Julie Stephenson, Holy Trinity-Bethlehem Presbyterian Church

  • Morning Psalms Psalm 33; 146
  • First Reading Zephaniah 3:14-20
  • Second Reading Titus 1:1-16
  • Gospel Reading Luke 1:1-25
  • Evening Psalms Psalm 85; 94

Youthful Dreams Revisited

At the age of fifty I began to visit dreams I had as a youth. One dream was to go to Africa as a missionary. Inquiries commenced in order to develop a plan for this endeavor. Overwhelming doubt entered my mind. Similarly, when Zechariah was told by an angel his prayer for a child would be answered, he doubted and asked questions. “How…? I am an old man…” (Luke 1:18)

Yet I persisted. Prayer was launched. Everyone was asked to pray for me. A dear sister in Christ extended an invitation to meet with missionaries from Africa through a member of her family with whom they were staying. After meeting them it was as if the angel told me what was told to Zechariah, “…your prayer has been heard…” (Luke 1:13)

A few months later I was in Africa, a missionary, teaching children. A dream comes true. A prayer answered. Like Elizabeth, wife of Zechariah, mother of John the Baptist, I say, “This is what the Lord has done for me…” (Luke 1:25)

Dear Heavenly Father, please help each of us know we are favorably looked upon. Amen.