Digital Storying: A Means of Grace, Welcome, and Witness

The focus on digital content best hinges on storying. A story is invitational and multi-layered, drawing viewers into something bigger than themselves and the essence of your faith community. When utilizing digital and online media platforms, we are  to avoid the temptation to use merely for one-dimensional posts that publish information as though a marketing pamphlet that defines your community by what you produce. These platforms are considered “social media” because they thrive in cultivating community connection and expansive relational intersections- they are to be engaged versus solely consumed.

On this on-line “Equipping at the Well,”  Revs. Sarah Cooper Searight and Greg Klimovitz talk about the why, what, who, and how of sharing ministry stories on social media platforms.  A 45 minute webinar that is less nuts-and-bolts, how to use ___, Greg and Sarah share more of our how we can dig deeper into the larger questions and contextualization that can shape the foundation of our digital storying for sacramental purposes that extend our welcome and expand our witness.

Below are PDF resources to share and engage with a Digital Storying Team in your congregation and ministry: