Conversations at the Well Episode 3

Discerning Neighborly Love in a Time of Distance

This week we convened a Conversation at the Well with ministry leaders, Discerning Neighborly Love in a Time of Distance. We wanted to take a moment to listen into to how congregations have risen up to the occasion as people of hope, leveraging their faithful imaginations and empathy to continue to discern neighborly love in this time of distancing. We were joined by three pastors in the suburbs serving various congregations who have found ways to lovingly get next to their neighbors in solidarity and with great intentionality. Listen in to the uncut audio from our recent webinar facilitated by our Moderator, Vijay Aggarwal, as he ZOOMED with Revs. Rachel Rhodes (Morrisville), Tim Dooner (Valley Forge), and Stephanie Templin Ashford (Thompson Memorial).

Watch the video or listen to the podcasts of the conversation with local urban pastors by clicking on the links below:

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