Executive Presbyter Nominating Committee 15 May 2013

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, the Executive Presbyter Nominating Committee met again. Here is the latest update.

As part of our gathering on May 14 we:

  • reviewed the list of all individuals who applied or were recommended to us by the April 30th deadline. We removed from the list six persons with whom we had made contact, but who have shown no interest in continuing the conversation
  • determined we have 36 potential candidates of whom 28 have provided a Personal Information Form or resume, answers to our supplemental questions and their statement of faith .
  • reviewed the 28 candidates with complete applications and our rankings of each of them. We then decided to remove seven individuals from further consideration
  • met with Dean Foose who offered helpful suggestions regarding interviews with our candidates

At our next meeting (May 21) we will reflect more closely on candidates who have received our highest rankings, determine additional information needed before starting interviews, and may determine the candidates with whom will begin those phone conversations. I will provide you with another update after that meeting.

Please do speak with any member of the committee regarding questions or concerns you have about the process. In the meanwhile, know that we are profoundly grateful for and upheld by your prayers for us in this work on your behalf.

Faithfully yours,

John M. Willingham, Chair, EPNC