Expanding Nutritional Programs at The Common Place: 300th Anniversary Mission Update

Presbytery of Philadelphia 300th Anniversary Celebration: Updates from The Common Place

The Common Place’s 300th Anniversary grant is being utilized for longer range nutritional programming to benefit our church community, children and families of SW Philadelphia. Nutrition education has begun and is being continuously developed. We were able to increase the access to nutritious foods. Participants have been educated on what foods are good for them and have utilized them in the meals.

We are in the early stages of renovating the old church kitchen which served our facility for the past 85 (possibly more) years, and look forward to expanding our nutrition program to include a student garden, cooking supply kits and additional nutrition education to our community.

We are working with the City of Philadelphia, and just received approval for our plans from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and are now actively seeking pricing from contractors to commence the renovation. We hope to begin work over the next several months and transfer our nutritional programming to this new kitchen and adjoining space in 2019.

We give thanks to the support of the Presbytery of Philadelphia as The Common Place fulfills its mission to provide education, social support and faith formation to the SW Philadelphia community.

Click here for more details on last year’s project and our Presbytery’s commitment to elevate education, disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, and work towards restorative justice.