Five Great Ends Grants Awarded

On October 8th, our Commission on Resources and Communications awarded five Great Ends Grants to the following ministries in our midst. We invite you to keep them in prayer, even as you consider how their work and witness can provoke your own creative ministries near and far! Click here for more information and to apply for a Great Ends Grant. Want to learn more about our grant recipients and other creative ministries, check out our Covenant Connections stories and podcasts:

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Pastoral Residency through 1001 New Worshipping Communities (Beacon Church)
Grant: Ministry and Leadership Development Fund
The 1001 New Worshiping Communities pastoral residency at Beacon is a one-year program designed for the faith-motivated leader. They participate in all aspects of Beacon’s life and work: architecting worship, building relationships with community members and organizational partners, designing curriculum, supporting community programming, participating in board meetings, and learning and contributing to grant-writing, administration, and leadership from one of Beacon’s founding pastors. The resident is both trained in church officer training events and trains other officers including elders, interns, and members. The resident will potentially participate in two stewardship conferences (July, 2019; and October, 2019) to help the church grow and manage the gifts God has given them. We believe hosting this residency contributes to the “the shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God” in two significant ways: first, an aspiring faith leader is nurtured in their growth and exploration of vocation. Secondly, church community itself benefits from being a teaching congregation as well as benefits from the gifts and leadership of the resident.

Turkey Bowl (Crossroads Presbyterian Church)
Grant: Care and Compassion Fund
Last year’s Turkey Bowl fed over 6oo people on Thanksgiving Day as the Limerick Bowling Lanes were filled with the sounds of laughter and crashing pins. One of the guiding questions that lead to our start, five years ago, was “who are the hungry in our community?” Many of our church’s mission initiatives often revolve around alleviating nutritional hunger but we knew that wasn’t all that was hungered for in our community. Thanksgiving is a day cantered around thankfulness, bounty and fellowship but we know that is not how it is experienced by everyone.. We know, from our own experiences, that Thanksgiving can also be a time of disconnection and loneliness. We brought Turkey Bowl into being to help feed all who hunger, be it nutritional, emotional or spiritual because that is what Christ called us to do as his followers. With Christ as our model, we seek to bring people together from all parts of our community by offering a free, from scratch, home cooked Thanksgiving meal, combined with free bowling and shoe rentals. In addition we provide transportation so that all who want to attend are able to. This is why we are applying for funds from the Car e& Compassion Fund. Toquotetheheadlinefromthe Presbytery’s Covenant Connections podcast about Turkey Bowl, “Does the Kingdom of Heaven look like a Bowling Alley?” To which we answer, on that Thursday, “yes, yes it does.” Read the story and listen to podcast here.

Peacemaking Workshops (Swarthmore Presbyterian Church)
Grant: Peacemaking and Advocacy Fund
This initiative is an effort to grow the capacity of two congregations and the larger community in the mission and ministries of peacemaking, as we seek to exhibit the Kingdom of Heaven to the world. The local churches involved in planning are Swarthmore Presbyterian and Trinity Episcopal Church, Swarthmore. The requested funding is for two subsequent workshop events, led by individuals who specialize in various aspects of building peaceful communities: one through the performing arts and the other through work with youth. The first event will be led by two performers of Tea Creative, a New York City-based artists collective dedicated to raising self-awareness about how human beings make meaning, and therein drawing attention to our decision-making in relationship to one another The second workshop features the award-winning peacemaking Nawal Rajeh, who will present her work to develop Peace Camp for youth in Baltimore, MD. Peace Camp is a residential camp for urban youth in which they learn about themselves and their communities. We intend to especially include our own youth in this event.

Education, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment (West Kensington Ministry)
Grant: Ministry and Leadership Development Fund
E3 (Education, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment) is a new ministry initiative of the West Kensington Ministry (WKM). E3 combines education and entrepreneurship to empower Kensington residents to address the poverty that affects their lives. WKM Silkscreens, a silkscreen studio located in WKM, who has several years of hands on silk-screening experience, and its partners (described in question 4) who have the experience and education in entrepreneurship and business development are collaborating to educate and empower participants through hands-on experiences and workshops in the process of silk-screening, designing, marketing, sales, accounting, finance planning, and learning about profit and loss. As a result, participants, equipped with this new knowledge, will become entrepreneurs and pursue personal initiatives that better their lives. The vision of the Great Ends Grant is to empower worshiping communities, such as WKM, with funds so as to minister in an effective and relevant matter in its surrounding community. Jesus’ ministry was incarnational as he was “with” those who he came to love, serve, and liberate. WKM believes that E3 is incarnational in nature as Jesus was and to stand “with” the community means to address concrete needs, build community, and empower participants through education and entrepreneurship opportunities.

All-Church Leadership Vision Retreat (West Philadelphia Presbyterian Partnership)
Grant: Ministry and Leadership Development Fund
We are new worshipping community/church plant comprised of three historic Presbyterian Churches including First African, Calvin, and Good Shepherd who have been led by the Spirit to form a new thing in West Philadelphia. The All-Church Retreat will be held in November 2019 and include a Friday night session with a consultant and a Saturday day-long session led by our pastor, Rev. Eustacia Moffett Marshall. The goal of the retreat is to assist our new worshipping community in building a shared vision of ministry so that our leadership is equipped for “for such a time as this.” As we are led by the Spirit of God into a new thing in West Philadelphia, we endeavor to build consensus, friendship and common understanding of God’s vision to bear witness to the gospel in West Philadelphia.