General Assembly Reflections by Rev. Ki Nam Lee

ga222_Ki_SandyTears and tears,. This is not what I expected when I was leaving for the 222nd General Assembly, especially after I learned I was assigned to the General Assembly Procedure Committee. Contrary to my expectation, I already had a couple of tearful moments as other people here. Like everyone else in the GA Procedure Committee, I became emotional and tearful when Kris Shondelmeyer, a Presbyterian pastor, came as as an overture advocate of The PCUSA’s Child/Youth/Vulnerable Adult Protection {Policy and spoke about his personal experience of sexual abuse at his youth by a clergy.KiLee1

I also became tearful when a young homeless girl with many visible scars came to me for a free meal and politely said, “thank you” when members of the Hispanic Caucus and I served at the soup kitchen of Union Gospel Mission located in the downtown area. Then last night I was tearful again when everyone sang together, “We Shall Overcome,” with hand in hand after the historic moment when the Belhar Confession finally got approved as our denominational confession at 222nd GA. I thought about millions of people who sang and prayed, ” We Shall Overcome,” ahead of us. Tears of sorrow, tears of joy and hope; this is my experience at this GA. This is an experience I never expected. Probably the same is true for many other people here.