Help Support Kirkwood Camp 2013

Dear Friends of Kirkwood

kirkwood family_footerSummer Camp 2013 is coming, and we already have registered over 100 youth who are excited to spend a week at Kirkwood Camp. Unfortunately, the reality of coming to camp is difficult for most of our campers without financial assistance.
Every summer, Kirkwood Camp impacts the lives of our youth, as they are immersed in a Christian community. Campers return home, sharing their Bible lessons, new skills and talents, camp songs, and hilarious Kirkwood experiences. Church-going youth cultivate their Christian faith and leadership, while un-churched youth find their fervor for Jesus Christ and encourage their own families to attend church. Every year nationwide, approximately 250,000 youth and adults commit to Christ – based on their experiences at Christian camps. They grow into the congregation members, elders, Sunday School teachers and pastors of our future. One camper mother happily reported that for months after attending Kirkwood her son turned off the television to read the Bible. Other camper parents have explained how their camper returned from camp and started taking the whole family to church every Sunday.

Kirkwood Camp needs your help!

A week at camp costs $495. The Board has set a goal of registering over 250 campers for summer 2013, and about halfKirkwood 5 of these youth will need some level of financial support. In 2012, with generous donations from churches, businesses and Kirkwood alumni, Kirkwood distributed 94 scholarships totaling over $32,000. In 2013, the Board is working to raise over $50,000 in scholarships, to ensure that all who seek to participate and learn in this Christian community may attend camp. These camper scholarships are distributed based on established need to families with children within the churches of our Presbytery; to those attending non-Presbyterian churches but faithful to the Bible; and to those in whom the faith in Christ has not yet blossomed. We have partnered with the Interfaith Hospitality Network, John Gloucester House, and Chester Eastside to bring youth from these organizations to Kirkwood for a transformational experience. All of these participating youth require scholarship assistance.

Please donate to the Camper Scholarship Fund!

The Board now turns to you, our friends, to help us raise money to support over 150 scholarship campers.

Kirkwood 4We encourage you to be creative and join together with your Bible Study group, youth group, prayer breakfast, women’s association, or other group to sponsor a child to camp. Some youth groups are hosting car washes, bake sales, and dinners as fundraisers, and campers themselves are finding part-time jobs to raise their own registration monies. Help us bring these youth to camp! Thank you for your continued support of Kirkwood Camp, and thank you in advance for any support you can give, by donating either a partial or full scholarship for a camper. Your gifts change the lives of our youth every summer and pay dividends to our churches and communities for generations to come.

Yours in Christ,

Eric Borgstrom, President, Board of Directors