A Letter from Rev. Randy Barge, Moderator of the Presbytery

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you are all enjoying the advent of summer. The long, warm days of summer are always a good time for a little outdoor fun. Speaking of fun, I am very excited about our upcoming presbytery meeting at Oxford Presbyterian Church. It is going to be an opportunity to have some real fun. Of course, there will be some work we will have to attend to.

One item of business will be to approve the 2020 budget that will be presented by the Commission on Financial Management. You should have all received in the mail a copy of the Annual Ministry Narrative that was presented at our last presbytery meeting. It is a brief narrative of the wonderful work being done by the Presbytery, as it seeks to equip our churches for ministry and mission. That work includes everything from the distribution of grants, to the support of our various community ministries. None of it could be done without the support and faithful giving of our churches, and for that, we give God thanks for all of you.

A very important responsibility of the Presbytery is the examination of candidates for ministry. We will have two excellent candidates coming before us to be examined on the floor of the Presbytery. Please be prepared to engage them in a thoughtful and empowering examination as they take this final step in embracing God’s call in their life. We will also have a report from our Executive Presbyter, who will give us an update on some of the exciting initiatives being undertaken in our Presbytery. And then the fun begins.

After we adjourn, everyone is invited for a time of intergenerational fellowship and fun on the lawn of Oxford Presbyterian Church. There will be an old fashioned BBQ picnic with lots of delicious food, games, and other fun activities, to include a Dunk Tank. So, if you have been dreaming of the opportunity to dunk a member of the Leadership Collegium or Executive Staff, your time has come. All the proceeds from the Dunk Tank will go to Heeding God’s Call, a local organization dedicated to ending gun violence.

Blessings and Peace!

Rev. Randy Barge, Moderator of the Presbytery