Keeping the Church Relevant: GA Reflections from Madeline Taylor, Young Adult Advisory Delegate

The photo is of a dog on the march to end cash bail taken at the steps to the jail house

Being at GA has been an incredible whirlwind so far. The days have all sort of become one, with all this busy work with committee, bonding with other YAADS, and plenary sessions. Coming here, I was not sure what to expect. I was impressed with the breadth of issues the church was in the process of developing statements on- some of which include the committee that I was on, Middle East Issues, and the committee that my roommate was on, Social Justice. The issues discussed in both of these committees are not really discussed at my home church. I found the issues discussed relevant as they affect people outside of our church. I like the idea of the church taking a stand on many different current events. I think this stand helps to keep the church relevant and draws people in.

In my committee, all of the overtures had the maximum amount of people come in to speak on every overture that we were to vote on, including people from the non- church public. In fact, some people had to be turned away because there were so many people who desired to speak. This not only shows how the issues are important, but also shows the church is leading people and getting people in to speak.They care how the Presbyterian Church acts and views issues.