Leadership Collegium 19JUNE 2013 Meeting Summary

Our Leadership Collegium met late last month and the ground-breaking continues as we work to live into our new design. This was an open meeting, where the Collegium welcomed Presbyters and listened to their joys and concerns. Presbyters were also invited to join the Collegium in its time of scripture reflection and prayer.

Three parts of our meetings are structured around Community Building. As elected leaders of the Presbytery, we begin our time together with God and each other. We then explore Foundational Discussion as we listen to one another and determine next steps, and reports or directives are received from the conveners or moderators. Finally we look ahead to Accountability Directives as we move issues and recommendations to the wider community in the form of actions to take forward to the larger Presbytery through, e-blasts, the Presbytery website, region dissemination, or Presbytery action.

  • Reports from the Regional Conveners were heard. There is much enthusiasm around the first round of regional gatherings.
  • Reports from Kirkwood and Presbyterian Community Ministries of the Delaware Valley (PCMDV) were received.
  • Reports from Commissions and Committees were received.
  • We reviewed the report from the Transitional Leadership Committee and will explore their adaptive change directives for the Presbytery.

The Leadership Collegium works to provide oversight and support to the work of the Presbytery and represents you, the Presbyters. It is comprised of the Moderator and Vice-Moderator of the Presbytery, Conveners of each Regional Commission, and Moderators of CCL (Commission on Congregations and Leadership), CRC (Commission on Resources and Communication), CPC (Commission on Preparation and Credentials), COR (Committee on Representation) and CFM (Commission on Financial Management). The Executive Presbyter, Stated Clerk, Business Administrator and Acting Associate for Congregational Initiatives are present.