Mission Giving & Per Capita


Basic, or Shared, Mission Giving is an expression of our understanding that the work of the church extends far beyond our sanctuary walls. It is how we support the ministry and mission of the Presbytery and Synod, as well as the Presbyterian Mission Agency in Louisville. Within the Presbytery this includes funding for Chester Eastside, Inc.,  John Gloucester House, Latin American Fellowship, West Kensington Ministry and our camping ministry at Kirkwood (a joint ministry of the Lehigh and Philadelphia presbyteries). It also supports the administrative staff that coordinates and distributes the “Great Ends” and Covenant Fund grants to congregations. Beyond these very tangible programs, our defining mission priority is to share in the dreams of our congregations through the development of pastoral leadership, the training of lay leaders, and assistance as needed in their spiritual, organizational and financial growth.

Per Capita Apportionment is the way that each member of every congregation is able to acknowledge their connection to the broader Church and to sustain the unity of all members within the body of our denomination. By contributing a small amount – currently $28.03 per member, per year – we are each able to support the meetings and gatherings of the Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly; to pay for the essential ecclesiastical offices of Stated Clerks, Treasurers and Accountants at all levels; and to preserve the heritage and record of our Church through the Presbyterian Historical Society.