Permanent Judicial Commission

Membership: The PJC will have (9)  members. Offers guidance for remedial and disciplinary cases that come before the Presbytery.

Class of 2023:  

  • Elder John Hardy (Cedar Park)
  • Elder Joan Gotwals (Abington)
  • Rev. Nancy Muth (Honorably Retired)

Class of 2025:

  • Rev. Rob Eyre (Validated Ministry)
  • Rev. Kevin Ireland (Member At Large)
  • Elder Phoebe Sheftel (Bryn Mawr)

Class of 2027: 

  • Rev. Dr. John Wilkinson (Chestnut Hill)
  • Elder Lloyd Higgins (Oxford)
  • Elder Sameh Shaker (Neshaminy- Warwick)

Presbytery Staff:

  • Rev. Kevin Porter (Stated Clerk)
Ex-Officio Permanent Judicial Commission Members

Comprised of members of the permanent judicial commission whose terms have expired within the past six years, the stated clerk selects by rotation from this roster the needed number of individuals whenever the permanent judicial commission reports an inability to obtain a quorum.

Class of 2017:

  • Rev. Anne Clark-Duncan (Honorably Retired)
  • Elder Jeff Finley (Doylestown)
  • Rev. Dr. Keith Lawrence (Honorably Retired)

Class of 2019:  

  • Elder Paul Bunting (Grace, Jenkintown)
  • Elder Al DerMovsesian (Warminster, First)
  • Rev. Karen Nelson (Marple)

Class of 2021: 

  • Elder Alice Hughes (Newtown)
  • Elder Daniel Connor (Germantown, First)
  • Rev. Anita Bell (Lenape Valley)

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