Commission on Preparation for Ministry and Membership

  • Through the process of inquiry and candidacy, the Commission on Preparation for Ministry and Membership (CPMM) works alongside sessions to guide and support those discerning a call to ordained ministry as a Minister of Word and Sacrament.  CPMM also walks alongside Minister of Word and Sacraments who desire to transfer their membership into the Presbytery of Philadelphia after receiving a call to serve in the Presbytery of Philadelphia.
  • All candidates from either the Presbytery of Philadelphia or another Presbytery who have completed all requirements for ordination and have a pending call or validated ministry will meet with the CPMM and, upon its recommendation, be brought to the floor of the Presbytery at a regularly scheduled or called meeting for the examination.
  • A Minister of Word and Sacrament desiring to become a member of the Presbytery of Philadelphia may be examined by the CPMM, or by the Regional Commission to which he or she is being installed or validated. The CPMM also selects Ministers of Word and Sacraments and Elders to serve as readers of standard ordination exams, reporting their action to the Presbytery at its next meeting.
  • Membership: The CPMM is comprised of twenty-one (21) Ministers of Word and Sacraments and Elders in approximately equal number and meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9:30 AM at the Presbytery Center.
  • For further information about the Preparation for Ministry process, including on-line forms and information on registering for ordination exams, please visit the Preparation for Ministry link on the PC(USA)
  • For all other information, please contact CPMM Moderator, Rev. Kenneth J. Ross at  Kenneth Ross