Commission on Resources and Creative Ministries

Stewarding ministry stories of innovation, imagination, collaboration, and faithfulness through the congregations of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

The CRC resources and supports regional commissions and local congregations for innovative mission in the world and creative ministries of nurture and discipleship through the church. The CRC manages and coordinates the grant application and disbursement process of the presbytery, broadcasts presbytery-related information and news via appropriate social media platforms, narrates the work and witness of our congregations through the Covenant Connections blog,  makes available various networking and funding resources for creative ministry, and hosts gatherings and workshops that equip the faithful for missional vitality.

The Commission consists of two ruling elders and two teaching elders from each of the four regions throughout the presbytery and is staffed by the Associate Presbyter. CRC meets at the Presbytery office on the second Tuesday of each month. All grants are encouraged to be submitted by the last Tuesday of the month to be considered at next CRC meeting.

Please click here for a downloadable PDF of the CRC brochure.

To Contact the CRC Moderator, Rev. Sarah Cooper Searight: [email protected]

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