Commission on Resources and Communications

Membership: The CRC is comprised of 12 Ministers and Ruling Elders from each Regional Commission, plus additional co-opted members as needed. Currently serving on CRC:

  • Rev. William Caraher (HR), Commission Moderator
  • Rev. Sammie Evans (Broad Street Ministry)
  • Rev. Susan Fall, (Forest Grove)
  • Rev. Jason Ferris (Old Pine)
  • Rev. Diane Fitch, (Abington)
  • Elder Audrey Hopkins, (Glading)
  • Elder Marilyn Lobley (Ambler)
  • Rev. Adan Mairena, (Yeadon)
  • Elder William Rodenbaugh, (Olivet-Covenant)
  • Rev. Kellen Smith, (Bryn Mawr)
  • Rev. Ethelyn Taylor (Oxford)
  • One Vacancy
  • Greg Klimovitz (Associate Presbyter)