Commission on Resources and Creative Ministries

In providing guidance and resources for mission and ministry, the Commission on Resources and Creative Ministries shall:

  • Provide guidance and resources throughout the Presbytery as they equip our congregations and related ministries in the discernment, development, maintenance, adaptation, and innovation of creative and intentional mission and ministry;
  • Manage and coordinate grant application and disbursement processes able to partner alongside our congregations and approved ministries in the exploration, launch, and sustaining of discerned ministry initiatives;
  • Serve as a catalyst of support for launching creative initiatives, neighborhood ministries, and new worshipping communities at the earliest phase of discernment and development
  • Communicate discovered ministry trend, patterns, and perceived gaps in efforts to support the development of resources and equipping opportunities for leaders throughout the Presbytery.
  • Creates content for printed and digital publications of the Presbytery
  • Works with the Presbytery Staff to publish, upload and/or distribute news and information
  • Oversees the continued use and development of the Presbytery website