Commission on Resources and Communications

In providing guidance and resources for mission and ministry, the CRC:

  • Seeks to be aware of mission and ministry projects in the Regional Commissions to which it might direct others
  • Serves as a liaison between the Regional Commissions for the purpose of helping create connections for mission and ministry
  • Works with the Presbytery Staff to maintain a databank of denominational and other mission and ministry contacts

In managing the grant application and disbursement process, the CRC:

  • Works with the Presbytery Staff to determine amount and conditions and criteria for disbursement of any grant funds.
  • Updates and distributes information on any mission and ministry grants available to the Regional Commissions
  • Provides for a clear and well-publicized grant application process
  • Recommends the award and disbursement of grants based on clearly articulate criteria
  • Creates content for printed and digital publications of the Presbytery
  • Works with the Presbytery Staff to publish, upload and/or distribute news and information
  • Oversees the continued use and development of the Presbytery website