Leadership Collegium

The Presbytery’s Leadership Collegium (PLC) works to provide oversight and support to the work of the Presbytery, our congregations, and the leadership of our nearly 130 churches and worshipping communities. PLC is comprised of the Moderator and Vice-Moderator of the Presbytery, Conveners of each Regional Commission, and Moderators of COM (Commission on Ministry), CRC (Commission on Resources and Communications), CPM (Commission on Preparation for Ministry and Membership), COR (Committee on Representation) and CFM (Commission on Financial Management). The Executive Presbyter, Stated Clerk, Business Administrator and Associate Presbyter.

  • Please contact the office of the Presbytery ([email protected]) for more information or with questions regarding the meeting times and date.

Our presbytery and its leadership are driven by three key assumptions:

  • Jesus Christ is head of the church
  • The local congregation is the basic form of the church, but not itself a sufficient form of the church
  • Our life together as a fellowship of congregations is dependent on trust and love among one another

Our PLC design is aimed at achieving four ministry ends:

  • Healthy congregations
  • Faithful leadership
  • Common mission and ministry
  • Essential administrative and institutional support

Leadership Collegium Members Currently Serving:

  • Rev. Ashley Rossi (Moderator)
  • Rev. Ted Mingle (Vice-Moderator)
  • Elder Michael Henry (CFM)
  • Elder Jim Ballangee (COM)
  • Rev. Sarah Cooper Searight (CRC)
  • Elder Megan Acedo (COR)
  • Rev. Cheryl Pyrch (Member at Large)
  • Elder Bob Kenworthy(CON)
  • Rev. Ryan Balsan (Personnel)
  • Rev. Joyce Shin (CPMM)
  • Rev. Todd Stavrakos (Member at Large)
  • Elder Gina Baah (Member at Large)
    • Executive Staff:
    • Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace, Executive Presbyter
    • Rev. Kevin Porter, Stated Clerk
    • Rev. Greg Klimovitz, Associate Presbyter
    • Jim Wagner, Business Administrator

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