Letter from Moderator, Janet Brown

pw_LOGOBTo the Churches of Philadelphia
From: Janet W. Brown, Moderator, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia
Subject: Opportunity
Date: March 16, 2016

Tell someone that hope is available. While this hope is deep within our hearts, small acts with intention can bring justice and peace to others in Christ’s name. I was reminded on Monday to be sure and tell you that the Synod of the Trinity 2016 Offering for the after-school project, 19th & York, will be dedicated at the PW Spring Gathering on April 23. It has been a very long time since the Synod has selected a local project. The program is in the start-up phase. Response was immediate for this new umbrella of opportunity. This is an offering not a grant and an opportunity for 16 presbyteries to help as hope begins with education.

Tell someone that the Spring Gathering will be held at The Church on the Mall and will feature a fashion show and sale for the benefit of The Welcome Church. Nearly new donations of scarves, costume jewelry and belts are needed for this show and sale by April 8. If you cannot attend, you can donate. This is a time to declutter and help the homeless. PW Regional Moderators are the contact person to arrange for collection of your donation. Get your congregation involved. Presbyterian Women welcome the help of others with every project.

Tell someone that the sale of donated items will be a good day in April. Change Purse benefited from your generosity two years ago. See information on Presbytery website about the April 23 Spring Gathering.

Tell someone of your good works. Faith is first but we need to keep track of good works. Send historical form for 2015 to your regional moderator as soon as the information is gathered.

Tell someone that you would like to attend the Synod Retreat in June. Again, information is available and scholarships may be provided for first time attenders.

Tell someone about the radical hospitality that is offered in so many ways throughout our presbytery.

Blessings as we enter Holy Week.

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