A Letter for PW (Philadelphia) Moderator, Janet Brown

To:  The Churches in the Presbytery of Philadelphia
From:  Janet W. Brown, Moderator, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia
Subject:  October is Food Justice Month
Date:  October 9, 2014

Our thanks to all churches who supported our Fall Gathering at the Church on the Mall.  Bryan Miller of Heeding God’s Call offered a powerful presentation.  Someone heard something that will stop the violence somewhere because he showed up to carry the message.  Thank you Bryan!

We associate drugs and guns with violence.  Food and justice also keep close company.  “It matters to God and to Jesus that people are hungry today.  The question is:  Does it matter to us?”

Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of Philadelphia continue to say yes to this question as they have for more than 40+ years through contributions to the Hunger Fund.  Their response has become more vocal as they realize that their voices are heard.  We now have the opportunity to assist the current Presbytery Care Closets   Food insecurity is a large issue within the bounds of our Presbytery.  It is said that the first 1,000 days determine a child’s future.  By planning ahead now to participate in next year’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive, we can make a difference.    Look for weekly updates on hunger issues beginning October 18

While you are planning ahead, remember that the PPPW Christmas Mission Luncheon will be held on December 6, 2014 beginning at 10 a.m.  Nicole Fox of Covenant House (the largest privately funded agency in the Americas providing shelter, food, crisis care and essential services to homeless, runaway and trafficked youth will provide the message.  Come to Oxford Presbyterian Church to enjoy their radical hospitality.  Bring donated items from the provided Wish List with you to the Christmas Mission Luncheon to support the work of Covenant House.

As followers of Christ, we know that we have more than we need.  Others need more than we can provide.  But, we continue to do all we can when we can.  Remember, we are better together so we pray give us bread for the journey, give us bread.

Enjoy the beauty of the changing season.

Lucille Clifton’s short poem speaks to the moment:


 Wishing you peace,

Thank you for your ministry.

Janet W. Brown, Moderator, Presbyterian Women/Presbytery of Philadelphia

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