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“The opening day of the General Assembly was full of anticipation, hope, and thoughtful discussions about who everyone was supporting for Co-Moderators.  When evening came and it was time for the moderator discussions and questions, I could feel the how the spirit was moving us forward.

I was overwhelmed after Ruth and Shavon were elected.  It was beautiful to see their families and close friends walk in after the results were counted.  The beauty was in the diversity of the those that surrounded them, and the spirit of the commissioners sending them forth.  In our changing world, I am hopeful that Ruth and Shavon will lead our vibrant denomination forward in God’s world.”

by Elder Dave Huting, Commissioner to the 225th General Assembly

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Commissioners to the 225th General Assembly elected our own Executive Presbyter, the Rev. Ruth Santana-Grace and the Rev. Shavon Starling-Louis (Presbytery of NC) as Co-Moderators.

“I am looking forward to sharing more about the assembly and other presbytery happenings at our July 23rd presbytery meeting. Until then…..”

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The Presbytery of Philadelphia celebrates with Ruth and Shavon!
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Great salutation and song from our Stated Clerk, Rev. Kevin Porter for Revs. Ruth Santana-Grace and Shavon Starling Louis as they begin their journey as Co-Moderators of the 225th General Assembly!