The Presbytery of Philadelphia to participate in the denominational Vital Congregations Initiative through the Ministry and Leadership Incubator.

As part of our larger Ministry and Leadership Incubator, the Presbytery of Philadelphia is excited to share that the Leadership Collegium of our presbytery has embraced participating in a denominational initiative focused on strengthening the local congregation.  This is part of a continuing pilot coordinated by the Presbyterian Mission Agency to encourage churches with 300 members and under to embark intentionally on a two-year journey that will lead to discernment and the birth of new possibilities!

Vital Congregations works with pastors, church committees and middle governing bodies to provide training, materials and consultation for all worshiping communities and in planting new congregations.


By the power of the Holy Spirit, and in authentic relationships with mid councils, we seek to equip, nurture and support church leaders to empower their congregations to renew, recover and live more fully into faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ.


The purpose of the Vital Congregations Initiative is to work alongside leaders of existing congregations continually assessing, discerning and living into faithful actions that increase vitality through intentional spiritual practices that take them deeper into following Jesus Christ, so that their own lives are changed, congregations are transformed and the mission of God spreads throughout particular communities and the world.