Spurred by the Holy Spirit’s movement to address the food insecurity needs of their community, Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church couldn’t have imagined where answering that call would lead them. Starting with a Synod Innovation Grant they began dreaming of how they might concretely help their neighbors.  Then an exciting idea was born, drawing upon a church member’s connection to William Penn Charter School, located a few miles from the church, they pursued a partnership with a class of 2nd graders.

In working together, Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church empowered these 2nd graders to explore, discern and imagine how they might make an impact in the lives of others.  They ended up placing community refrigerators at St. James at 3217 West Clearfield Street and Simon Gratz High School Mastery Charter at 1798 W Hunting Park Avenue.

This partnership has taught both communities the value of sharing, listening, and collaborating.  As they share their journey, we hope that you will be inspired to explore, in the most unexpected of places, opportunities for collaboration as you meet the needs of your neighbors.

Watch a video of their story: