A New Confessional Logo: The Cross of Christ that Shapes Our Witness

The Cross of Christ that Shapes Our Witness

We are excited to reveal a new confessional logo for our ministry together. The image is both simple and familiar, incorporating layers of sacred meaning related to our shared faith: the upward movement of the lower image speaks to God as Creator, who springs forth life and creative energy; the cross serves as the primary focus of the two shapes coming together at the center, a witness to the work of Christ and central call of our individual and corporate discipleship; the top image is in the form of a dove, an ancient symbol of the Holy Spirit who gathers and scatters the faithful for ministry in and for the world; the coming together of two separate images at a central point of light affirms the biblical call to unity and reconciliation in the midst of a world strained by division; the colors originated with imagery and art from our 300th anniversary, reminding us of our shared history and promised future; the blue is representative of the sacrament of our baptism; the earth-toned band around the logo’s edges evokes the bread and the opening of the top right forms empty space in the shape of a cup, a testament to the sacrament of Christ’s table. Finally, the image as a whole is rising, an abstract of the resurrection we proclaim and live into until all is made new and right again.

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