Olivet Covenant’s Shared Space Artist Ministry

OlivetCov_amplify-mural-union-transferThe Mural Arts Program seeks to transform places, individuals, communities, and institutions throughout the City of Philadelphia.  Their work is created in service of a larger movement that values equity, fairness, and progress across all of society.

On July 16, 2014, the large gramophone mural for the Union Transfer building was dedicated.  Artist Benjamin Volta utilized space at Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church to create the impressive mural.  Working with projects such as these is an innovative way to use our church building space.  This artwork not only beautifies the City of Philadelphia, but it also expresses hope in its design, and has allowed this congregation to be a part of God’s redeeming work in our community.


Left: Pictured is an artist using Olivet’s space, helping to create pieces of the mural for the Union Transfer Building.

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Take a moment to scroll down and see the video of the ministry that Olivet Covenant provides to the community! 

“It’s a brief article and 6 minutes of the video that was produced by Mural Arts and filmed at Olivet.  Ben Volta, one of our studio artists, and some of the artists from the Restorative Justice Guild are interviewed and there are scenes in the gym, etc. of the painting going on to produce this mural.  Also a nice shot of the exterior of Olivet. It’s really exciting to see how God is using Olivet to minister to all kinds of people!”  Rev. Linda Jaymes, Pastor of Olivet Covenant Presbyterian church.

Thank you to Linda Jaymes and the Congregation of Olivet Covenant for this unique and imaginative way you are doing ministry in the Southeast Region of the Presbytery of Philadelphia!