Ministry & Leadership Incubator Placement: Oxford Presbyterian Church


Located in the Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood known as Mt. Airy, Oxford Presbyterian is an intergenerational and racially diverse congregation. While involved in various community ministries, Oxford is especially open to new and collaborative possibilities related to education and literacy programs. At Oxford, among other ministry possibilities, seminarians will bear witness neighborhood partnerships focused on the education of children, youth, and adults.

Emily Lueder is a graduate of Valparaiso University where she received a BA in Theology and Ministry. Before moving to Princeton, Emily was an active member at First Presbyterian Church of Crown Point in Indiana. Emily hopes to pursue a career as a hospital chaplain upon graduation and is a second-year student at Princeton.


Eric Hearst is a compassionate and empathetic professional who has dedicated his career to social work. Eric is an advocate and ally for students of all ages facing complex behavioral, social, and psychological challenges. Eric is a second-year student at Princeton.