Pennsylvania Decennial Report

The Pennsylvania Department of State requires the filing of the Decennial Report of Association Continued Existence (Decennial) with the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations every ten years; in years ending in “1” (2021).  Each church is responsible for this filing.  The Decennial is a means for the Bureau of Corporations to keep their records up to date,  removing inactive corporations from the registers.  The Decennial is not required if your church has made any other filing with the Dept. of State from the period January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2021.  Typically, the filing of an annual report during this period, where officer information is updated, would satisfy the requirement and filing the Decennial is not necessary.  There is no fee for non-profits to file the annual report.

The Presbytery encourages our member churches to make all required filings.  The cost of filing the Decennial is $70, but remember, it is only due once every 10 years.  Filing is relatively straight forward and is basically updating names and addresses.  The consequences of not filing does not cause the corporation to cease to exist.  Not filing permits the Bureau to make the name of the corporation available for use by other businesses.  A new or existing corporation could claim the name of your corporation for their business.  For more information including forms, online filing, and filing requirements go to the Dept. of State website at